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    MoU With Four Provinces Of China Produce Legal Umbrella For B to B


    CHENGDU-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the signing of the MoU with the four provinces in China is not just the visit of the provincial government officials.

    "We are coming to China not just for a comparative study like on a particular theme," said Aher, who met in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, on Tuesday his work visit is broader, a growing inter-provincial permanent partnership (9/5/2017). Over the past week, the provincial government has signed three Sister Province cooperation agreements with three provinces in China with Guangxi Zhuang, Chongqing, Sichuan and Wednesday with Heilongjiang.

    Through cooperation between the Provinces, Aher continued, it is part of a large legal agreement. Ensure both local governments, especially in filtering companies that will be involved in the cooperation.

    "The MoU is good to be protected by a large legal agreement, with the cooperation of various fields (b) .Then it will be more planned and orderly. Even Sichuan Vice Governor even said that cooperation b to b, please tell about the company I am afraid that the related company is not good. So it is filtered by the government in China, "he said.

    He added that after the inter-governmental cooperation can be continued with cooperation with the company.

    West Java-Sichuan

    Meanwhile, on Tuesday night yesterday, West Java provincial government has signed a memorandum of understanding with Sichuan Governor Yin Li. In his speech, Li said, Sichuan is located in the western part of China, with a large population and rapid economic growth.

    "We have a population of 90 million people, the number 3 densely populated in China with an area of 480,000 km2, number 5 in China with a GDP of USD 500 billion per year or number 6 in China," he said.

    Admittedly him, during this connection of Sichuan with West Java is quite good. Chinese trade to Indonesia is also good.

    "If I think this value can be improved, the signature of the MoU can increase the exchanges and cooperation, especially now there are 12 companies from Sichuan that already exist in Indonesia. Hopefully this company from us will develop well in West Java, especially in Indonesia, "he said.

    Related to tourism cooperation. Li believes Indonesia is a beautiful country including West Java even though he has never been to West Java.

    Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Aher said, with the MoU is increased tourism cooperation. Currently tourists from China to visit Indonesia is quite high even already shifted European and American tourists.

    "Tourism cooperation, Sichuan has a beautiful area. West Java is also beautiful because we are tropical, have more beauty, dense forest.
    Hopefully this cooperation can run smoothly, "he said.

    In addition, several points of cooperation they will do is the development of agricultural research.

    "West Java is a vast area of fruit, vegetable and rice production mostly from West Java, the number one food producer in Indonesia, we want to work well together, and food production will increase," he said.

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