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    Ramadan and Lebaran, XL Axiata Adds Network Capacity


    BANDUNG - To meet the needs of its customers during Ramadan and Lebaran 2017, PT XL Axiata Tk has been preparing the network by increasing the network capacity by 2-3 times in some homecoming location.

    Chief Director Service Management Officer XL Axiata, Yessie D. Yosetya said, with the addition of capacity, it is optimistic will be able to cope if there is a significant traffic spike.

    "Specifically, we will also utilize MME and MSS in Pool technology in core networks that will enable us to shift the capacity from over capacity areas to areas requiring additional capacity," he said.

    According to Yessie, the provision of quality network for services also adjust to the condition of the main transportation routes, both in Java and on other islands that are predicted to experience a surge.

    "To fulfill the customer's need for quality service during the celebration of Lebaran, we will strengthen the network, especially in locations that have the potential to become density points of the community, either in the homecoming or going home in various regions in Indonesia," he said.

    Locations that are expected to be crowded include popular tourist destinations, crowded centers such as shopping centers, transportation facilities such as airports, bus terminals, train stations, as well as seaports. (Parno)

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