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    Bulog is Ready to Maintain Food Availability and Price Stability


    BANDUNG-West Java Bulog states that they are ready to save food, rice, meat, sugar for the needs of the community during Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

    Head of West Java Bulog Abdul Muis said, for food custody, especially rice, bulog stock is sufficient, even endurance reaching 8 months ahead.

    "The stock of rice in all bulog warehouses reaches 283 thousand tons, it is very safe," he said.

    He prepared ready stock to be poured into the community if at any time rice price fluctuations ahead of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr. Bulog is ready to assist local governments through market operations (OP).

    In addition to rice, Bulog also prepared a stock for frozen meat as much as 2800 kilograms. Then give the stock of cooking oil as much as 2,650 kilogram and sugar as much as 6 thousand tons.

    "If the price of that demand rises above the reason, Bulog is ready to conduct the OP, certainly at the request of the local government, the price we offer is also below market price, or according to government regulations," he said.

    Related to the increasingly expensive price of garlic, according to him Bulog is also ready to stabilize the price of these commodities, if the government asks to do OP. Jo

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