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    West Java-Banten Social Media Task force To Fight Hoax


    PURWAKARTA-The spread of Hoax news that disturbs society today more and more happened, especially in cyberspace. Therefore, it is necessary for the active role of the Government, both central and regional, to be able to counter by providing correct and positive information to the community.

    For that matter, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics, through the Directorate General of Information and Public Communication, held an activity of Integration Coordination Meeting of Regency / City Government in Banten and West Java Province at Kota Bukit Indah Hotel Plaza Purwakarta, Tuesday (9/5/2017) ).

    The event was opened directly by the Director of Communication Partnership, Drs. Dedet Surya Nandika who in his speech said that the official social media owned by the government should be the main source of positive content for the community. "To further facilitate communication between admin and government social media responsible, it is necessary to form a task force team of social media in Local Government," he said.

    Henry Subiakto, Expert Staff of the Indonesia Minister of Communications and Informatics for Legal Affairs, stated in his material that in order to produce positive content, every government communication activist must develop a dialogical communication in social media rationally and productive. In addition, the official communication / administrators must also understand intelligently and use drama approach in digital communication, he added.

    "Do not let the language is too rigid, because readers will be easier to feel bored with language that is too rigid, use the drama approach, to be interesting to be enjoyed by the community," he said.

    In this Meeting also formed West Java-Banten Social Media Task Force. The task of this task force is to support each other and provide information and positive content that exist in their respective regions.

    It is hoped that with this task force, the official government social media in West Java and Banten can be synergized, so it can counter the Hoax news which can make the Government seem 'bad', because the biggest Hoax news object is the Government, concluded Dedet Surya Nandika.

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