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    Indramayu Regent Officials Works After Inauguration


    INDRAMAYU-After inaugurated by the Governor of West Java, Ir. Toto Mohamad Toha, M.Ag as acting regent of Indramayu, he directly receive mandate to continue running the government in Indramayu. Anna Sophanah has submitted the relevant positions to him on Tuesday (15/12/2015) in the Hall Indramayu.

    The handover position is done in simple way ceremony with attended by Regent and Vice Regent Indramayu period 2010 - 2015 Hj. Anna Sophanah and Supendi, and also acting regent of Indramayu Ir. Toto Mohamad Toha, leaders FKPD, head of SKPD, district, head of division, and other invitees.

    On that occasion Hj. Anna Sophanah explained, during lead Indramayu it still a lot of expectations and desires has not been fully realised. This is because of the limited time and budget available.

    She hoped it can be soon realised in the next government, so that what the wishes by people in Indramayu can be realised.

    Meanwhile Ir. Toto Mohamad Toha, M.Ag explained, after receiving this position he will worked directly with the head of SKPD and sub-district to run existing development in Indramayu. It should be getting attention in the implementation of the regional budget in 2016 on time.

    Toto added, in addition to implementation the budget, which should also get attention in the achievement of development targets as set out in Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMD) for 5 years.

    "I got to know some of less indicators in the achievement in RPJMD, it should get special attention and must be done immediately in order to be accomplished," said Toto.
    After the handover, it was directly conducted next coordination meeting with the heads of SKPD and sub-district and others.

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