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    West Java is Learning Waste Processing from Chongqing


    CHONGQING-West Java Provincial Government is interested in waste processing pattern of Chongqing City, China which process waste with environmentally friendly system and produce renewable energy. It can be offered to city and district governments to adopt waste processing in big cities equivalent to the Chinese province. In addition, local governments can mimic the efforts of Chongqing City Government to instill their hygiene culture in the city.

    It surfaced at a meeting between the Government of West Java and Chongqing metropolitan city government on the signing of an agreement with the MoU Sister Province at Wudu Hotel, Chongqing City, Monday (5/8/2017).

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said, the plan of cooperation in overcoming the waste problem is indeed beyond the points they pointed out. But with Sister Province the cooperation of various fields can be realized. On the matter of the garbage, the Chongqing can invest in West Java or share technology to West Java.

    "They have the same problem with us initially about the garbage, but eventually they change the behavior of the society, it can enter the social culture cooperation as well, the impact of the clean river changes, then the garbage is not scattered," he said.

    Interestingly, said Aher, tipping fee in Chongqing was counted lower only need 60-65 Yuan per ton or about Rp 120,000 more.

    "Indeed if for the West Java now to Chongqing can enter into two TPPAS we are not having plenty of time, Nambo already have the winner. Legok Nangka also has the auction process, in several years ahead it can be applied, but I urge the city and district governments to be able to take advantage of waste processing from Chongqing, "he said.

    Aher asserted, the problem of waste processing is obligatory matters Government of the city / district, and the affairs of provincial choice. Despite the choice, it remains serious because the waste must be handled, otherwise it will be a serious environmental and health problem.

    Furthermore, in cooperation with the Sister Province, Heryawan admitted that both times present to Chongqing in 2013 when they invited by companies engaged in the field of monorail transportation. According to him, the development is quite rapid. Used only 2-3 railway coach currently can produce up to eight railway coach.

    "If 2013 we make a monorail development plan for the area of bandung raya, but it is the same with central and replaced with LRT in cooperation with China For monorail, we have new airport and aerocity development project and we can work together in aerocity for this monorail. This is not just one area of cooperation but through sister province we can work together for even more, "he said.

    Chongqing Mayor Zhang Guoqing said his side is ready to help West java if interested in using or transfer of information related to waste processing.

    "Yes, here garbage also had a problem but we can handle it," he said.

    Moreover, Zhang claims to know that West Java is very interested in the monorail. His party also welcomed the wishes of Ahmad Heryawan because monorail like Chongqing is very suitable for metropolitan city.

    "The development of this year we have mastered many monorail techniques including research, science and technology, design, and including products related to the system, including the construction and its projects and operations so we can examine not only the equipment sysem but the entire set of monorail operations. We run if choose Chongqing monorail, "he said.

    He claims his homemade monorail has many advantages which can be powerful, but it is suitable for the ups and downs. The second is easy to turn. The timeframe for the monorail project is not too long and the monorail cost is relatively low and the operation is also very easy.

    "If Indonesia / West Java choose monorail for trans problem, we will give maximum support," he said.

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