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    Provincial Government of West Java Gives New Entrepreneur Credit Under Rp10 Million


    BANDUNG-Provincial Government (Pemprov) of West Java through the Office of Cooperatives and Small Enterprises of West Java (KUK Jabar) provide financing or credit for New Entrepreneurs (WUB) who want to increase their business or sales below Rp10 million.

    Head of West Java Cooperatives and Small Enterprises Office, Dudi Sudradjat Abdurachim offers several financing schemes for WUB, namely KUR (People's Business Credit), KCR (Caring People Credit), PKBL (Community Development Partnership Program), and the most recent is KUMI (Ultra Micro Credit).

    "Micro is already small, ultra micro is very small, the financing under Rp 10 million," he told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (9/5/2017)

    Dudi explained that the KUMI scheme is a proposal from the Government through Vice Minister of Finance Mardiasmo, with the target of micro entrepreneurs who have not been eligible to get bank credit and have not been reached by KUR.

    In addition to offering access to finance, West Java already has a Regional Access Acceleration Finance Team (TPAKD), cooperation between OJK and Provincial Government.

    "The mission is to accelerate access to financing for SMEs, in the future still arranged some work agenda for TPAKD," he explained.

    Dudi explained, some time ago, Department of KUK in cooperation with OJK has done Beauty Contest. According to him, of the 300 MSMEs submitted, only 25 MSMEs qualify for access to finance.

    "As many as 25 MSMEs have qualified, there are still some problems, most of which are related to BI Checking, for example they are personally borrowed from banks, credit card arrears," he explained.

    But essentially, the orientation of all the programs proclaimed by Cooperatives and Small Enterprises Office, which wants to facilitate access to finance for small entrepreneurs in West Java.

    "Essentially, we want to facilitate access to regional financing," he concluded. (MAT)

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