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    The Potential of Zakat Must Be Maximized


    BANDUNG-Zakat can alleviate poverty and improve public education especially marginal people, if managed properly.

    For example, Laziz PT PLN is able to collect zakat funds up to hundreds of billions and distributed for the good of people.

    Manager of PT PLN West Java Banten Distribution Iwan Purwana mentions in 2016, it is collected zakat from employees of Rp 140 billion. Where about 70% of the funds are channeled into the working area of PLN throughout Indonesia as needed.

    "West Java PLN itself channeled for poverty alleviation and economic improvement of society," he said.

    For example, by providing scholarships to the poor and providing business capital for MSMEs.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar added that if all state-owned companies collect zakat 2.5% of the income of employees then the welfare of the people will be guaranteed.

    "I take the example of this PLN. Other SOEs can be like this to help the economy of the poor because the potential of zakat is very large and still needs to be maximized again," he said. Jo

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