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    Jokowi Directly Observes Alsintan Produced by PT Pindad


    BANDUNG-President Joko Widodo directly observed three Agricultural Machine Tools (Alsintan) produced by PT Pindad (Persero) at the 15th National Mainstay Farmers Fisher Contact Week (KTNA) which was held on 6-11 May 2017 at Harapan Bangsa Stadium, Lhong Raya, Banda Aceh.

    Jokowi said the ability to make Alsintan is no doubt because Pindad has Industrial Product Business Directorate which specially make industrial products, such as Marine Equipment (APKL), Generator, electric motor, traction motor, commercial explosives, railway facilities and infrastructure components, Wrought & cast components, and excavators.

    "Pindad will not stop working hard and innovate to make quality products made by the children of the country," he said.

    PT Pindad Industrial Products Business Director Bobby S Atmosudirjo said Pindad produced Alsintan from the work of the country's children to support the independence and acceleration of the government's food security program.

    "Pindad synergizes with PT Bhirawa and the Agricultural Research and Development Agency (Balitbangtan) of the Ministry of Agriculture to develop these machines," he told reporters in Bandung, Monday (8/5/2017).

    Bobby explains that there are three types of Alsintan in Pindad production, among others, Amphibious Land Processer, PA-1800 (Pindad Amphibi, 180 cm wide). This tool has the function of cultivating the soil as well as chopping the remaining straw of rice, corn, and weeds and mixing with soil, which will increase the content of soil organic matter. PA-1800 is also equipped with decomposer sprayers.

    Secondly, the PP-160 Harvest Machine (Pindad Pemanen, 160 cm wide). This machine has the function of harvesting corn and rice as well as entering the harvest into the sack. "PP-160 uses rubber rollers (crawler) from rubber that can be used for wet or dry," he said.

    Then third, PTM-90 Multipurpose Tractor (Pindad Multipurpose Tractor, 90 Hourse Power). According to him, PTM-90 has a function as a loader for various types of materials such as land, stone, sand or building debris with a large enough capacity, as a small excavator equipped with drilling function and jack hammer for construction, agriculture and maintenance of rural road access facilities .

    "This tool is equipped with Power Take Off (PTO) and three-point hitch and can be installed with a width of 2,000 Rotavator and a planter of seeds (grand sider) or plowers, installed alternately," he explained.

    Bobby discloses Pindad as a Manufactur sole for Alsintan and Bhirawa as sole distributor licensed by the Ministry of Agriculture. This year Pindad is capable to produce 150 units with 50 units each for the three Alsintan

    All components for this product, Bobby continued, come from domestic and manufactured in Pindad except engine, transmission, if given the opportunity TKDN can reach 100%. In the future, Indonesia is expected to no longer import Alsintan, but self-sufficient, so Alsintan that is used is the work of the country.

    "So far, Indonesia is still importing various food from other countries, it is hoped that with Alsintan produced by Pindad, the capacity and quality of food production in the country will increase so that it will not depend on other countries," he concluded.

    Meanwhile, this grand celebration of Penas is routinely held every three years, followed by more than 35,000 participants consisting of representatives of fisherman farmers who are members of KTNA from all provinces in Indonesia, agricultural business actors, officials of central and local agricultural scope and Representatives of several ASEAN countries.

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