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    Mass Transportation Becomes Main Topic of West Java-Guangxi Zhuang Signing MoU


    NANNING-Guangxi Zhuang's systems and transportation equipment is an interesting issue in signing the MoU (joint memorandum of understanding) between West Java Province and Guangxi Zhuang. West Java itself is interested in implementing the implementation of electric motors in urban areas and will offer transportation system at West Java International Airport (BIJB) later to the province of Guangxi Zhuang.

    This is not without reason. The province, led by Governor Chen Wu, does indeed have a highly developed transportation system ranging from the automotive industry that has generated 2 million units per year, the largest port in China and has already pushed up port capacity in other countries that work with them, A fast train with a 1750 km long track.

    In addition, one of the automotive investors from Guangxi Zhuang, Wu Ling, has owned a factory in Bekasi. During the process, Governor Chen Wu himself had visited West Java and met with West Java provincial government and this is the embryo of sister province signed by both parties at Li Yuan Resort, Nanning, Friday (05/05/2017) local time. At that time, the signing of the host was represented by the Vice Governor of Guangxi Zhuang, Zhang Xiaoqin.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said the Sister Province is a continuation of their meeting on October 26, 2015 when governor Chen Wu came to Delta Mas Bekasi, West Java. This year the automotive company with the Wu Ling product brand will be inaugurated.

    "Hopefully (MoU) this milestone cooperation well and followed other cooperation," said Aher before the signing of the MoU.

    Admittedly, he admired the development of transportation system in Guangxi Zhuang which has fast train with a great distance, while in Indonesia especially just want to build the fast train.

    "Hopefully soon be done," he said.

    In addition, said Aher, it was ready to establish cooperation in the field of informatics because West Java has these experts. With the open sharing of information and technology is expected to West Java or vice versa can be more advanced.

    "After this agreement hopefully see again at the inauguration of the factory in Bekasi.Later form team together between Guangxi and West Java to formulate a more real cooperation," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Transportation Agency, Dedi Taufik added, it will indeed offer a number of ports in West Java which will be built and one of which is still in the stage built for cooperation with Guangxi Zhuang.

    "Yes we have Patimban Port, Pelabuhan Ratu Regional Seaport, Cirebon, Seaport, Cikarang-Bekasi-Laut Inland Waterways, Bojong Salawe Regional Seaport, and Palangpang Local in Ciletuh," he said.

    In addition, his side will also offer cooperation airport transportation management in Kertajati later to Guangxi Zhuang. They can use the Wu Ling branded vehicle at the airport for transportation there.

    "For example, management cooperation over a matter of years that must be discussed again after this MoU," he said.

    Meanwhile, Vice Governor Guangxi Zhuang said his side appreciated the cooperation response with West Java.

    "Now Indonesia is in the best of times." This silk line strategy of Maritime is compatible with Indonesia's marine strategy as well, "he said.

    He said that his province is the only province bordering on the ocean and land and with Asean. his side occupies the development strategy in China and Asean.

    "This province is one-on-one port roads." Since 100 BC, Chinese ships have been to Asean from this port, we are now building a seafloor and information in Asean or connectivity with Asean countries, "he said.

    In ASEAN countries, he added, there are 47 ports that are already members of the port community in Guangxi Zhuang.

    "Our harbors are building construction in Malaysia and Brunei.We pushed the port capacity from 30,000-50,000 tonnes quickly.We once took part in building a port in one area, in just one year alone, the port's capacity has gone up twice, "He said.

    Admittedly, there is one of the Indonesian port company having investments in this city port, especially transportation in the river.

    "We hope to open the sea route from here to Indonesia," he said.

    In addition, he acknowledged, his side is currently accelerating the rapid development of the current traiway that is already 1750 km long. In the province already has two fast train lines to serve 14 cities.

    "The fast train has greatly improved the welfare of the people, we know that in Indonesia we are building a fast train Jakarta-Bandung, we hope that when we get there we can catch a fast train from Jakarta to Bandung," he said.

    In addition to cooperation in the field of transportation, the two sides will cooperate in the scope of tourism, education, culture, trade and technology.

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