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    Kominfo Awards Will Be Annual Agenda


    BANDUNG-Head of Department Communications and information West Java Province Dudi Sudradjat Abdurachim said Kominfo Awards 2015 as the inaugural event of appreciation to practitioners, activists, and stakeholders in logistics, communications and informatics.

    Hopefully, this event become an annual event from West Java Province, so that the main objectives achieved, that is to encourage all agencies, institutions, individuals, and community to manage communications services and public information better.

    "The event also seeks to motivate all parties to be consistent providing communication and information services to the community in good and right," he said in Kominfo Awards 2015 in Golden Flower Hotel, Monday (14/12) night.

    According to Dudi, this awards also shows a standing position, that the highest work ethic and spirit of doing the best is a working guide to all parties who responsible providing services to general public in West Java Province. This event was also further confirms that the era of local government functions have changed significantly.

    "We are no longer live in analog era which complicated, separately, are not networked, and boring. We are now living in digital age that very practical and fast, covered in a single unit, and occurs networking and creative,” he said.

    According to him, local government has been unable to escape from what the hypothesis John Howkins, a professor of creative industries from University of Lincoln, England, that today is the era of information and creative.

    It started by agricultural and industrial phases, then at least in the last ten years we are entering information phase, which specifically, within two last year, we have entered a phase of creative era.

    "I could tell that West Java is a perfect example of the implementation phase information and creativity. West Java has had industrial centres of knowledge and creativity,” he said.

    The winner of Communications and Information Technology Award 2015 is as follows:

    A. Appreciation to the OPD that has been awarded the Website Management in National Level
    1. Department of Food Crops of West Java Province
    2. Department of Animal Husbandry of West Java Province
    3. Department of Plantation of West Java Province
    4. Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province

    B. Ambassador of Proficient Internet : Syahna Rahmah Falihah (SMAN 1 Bandung)

    C. Category of Best Public Agency in Information Disclosure In District and City Level
    1. Category of Completed of Information Availability Any Time :
    - First Winner : Bekasi City
    - Second Winner : Tasikmalaya District
    - Third Winner : Bogor Regency

    2. Category of Completed Information Announcement Periodic
    - First Winner: Bandung Regency
    - Second Winner : Bandung City
    - Third Winner : Bogor Regency

    3. Category of Completed Information Service
    - First Winner : Cimahi
    - Second Winner : Bogor Regency
    - Third Winner : Tasikmalaya

    4. Category of Completed PPID Institutional
    - First Winner : Bogor Regency
    - Second Winner : Cimahi
    - Third Winner : Tasikmalaya

    5. Completed of UU KIP Implementation (General Winner)
    - First Winner : Bogor Regency
    - Second Winner : Kota Bekasi
    - Third Winner : Bandung
    - Fourth Winner : Cimahi
    - Fifth Winner : Bandung Regency

    D. Assistance Grant to Jatiwangi TV, Majalengka be in the form of TV Transmitters

    E. West Java Logistic Award :
    - First Winner : PT. Adilan - CIMAHI
    - Third Winner : PT. JNE - TASIKMALAYA

    F. Best Community in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in West Java:
    1. Orange Media (Cirebon)
    2. Depok Cyber Community (Depok)
    3. Rintisan Saka Telematics (Sukabumi)
    4. Local Economic Development Partnership Forum (Cimahi)
    5. Urban Community Cikarang (Bekasi District)

    G. Best Documentary: 
    - Best Director : SMK 1 Cimahi 
    - Best Script : SMK 3 Bandung
    - Best Film : SMKN 2 Bandung

    H. Best Photo:
    1. Faith Nasrudi (Bandung)
    2. Addienullah Fil Ardhi (Bandung)
    3. Erik Rizal Syahsani (Sumedang District)

    I. Best Photo Idea:
    1. Girl Bulqiesh (Bandung)
    2. Muhammad Alfan (Cirebon)
    3. Agung Setyadi (Bandung regency)

    J. Category of Best OPD Website:
    1. First Winner : Department of Food Security Agency of West Java Province
    2. Second Winner : Department of Agriculture
    3. Third Winner : Department of Education and Regional Training
    4. 1st consolation prize winner : Regional Environment Management Agency
    5. 2nd consolation prize winner : Department of Social Service
    6. 3rd consolation prize winner : Department of Industry and Commerce of West Java Province

    K. Categories of Best LPSE in County and City:
    District Category:
    - First Winner : District Indramayu (achievement of 15 LPSE standard)
    - Second Winner : Bogor Regency (achievement of 11 LPSE standard)
    - Third Winner : Cianjur Regency (achievement of 7 LPSE standards)

    City categories:
    -  First Winner: Bogor, (achievement of 17 LPSE standard)
    -  Second Winner : Depok (achievement of 5 LPSE standard)

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