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    Effective Handling After the Ciwidey Flash Flood


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Post-disaster floods that hit the Ciwidey subdistrict dated May 3, causing some losses both material and morale. Regional Secretary of Bandung Regency Ir. H.Sofian Nataprawira, MP make sure the Bandung Regency Government will perform effective handling and integrated for both emergency and post-disaster handling.

    "We will be sure, the handling of this Ciwidey flash flood will be more effective for the action in the field. Several agencies will be involved in accordance with their respective authority portions, both for disaster emergency and post disaster, "Sofian said at the coordination meeting on the handling of floods in Ciwidey subdistrict, Friday (5/5).

    Sofian further explained that the coordination meeting that was held involved several disaster stakeholders namely the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) as the coordination and command agency, the Social Service (Dinsos), the Environment Agency (DLH), the Office of Public Housing, the Settlement and Land Affairs Area (Disperkimtan), Public Works and Spatial Planning Department (DPUPR), Health Office, Agriculture Agency, Civil service police, Infrastructure Division of the Regional Secretariat, Village Government and other Party as technical handlers.

    "Some of these stakeholders are taking immediate steps. Not only infrastructure road repaired and damaged houses, but houses affected by floods on the banks of the river to be evacuated immediately, to prevent similar things from happening again, "he hoped.

    Coordination was held after the previous Secretary with several agencies to review the location of floods, namely in RW 16 RT 3 Village / Subdistrict of Ciwidey as the worst location of the impact of flash flood. According to the data recorded by the Secretary said 14 houses were damaged, and 4 houses were severely damaged and hit 21 Heads of Families in Ciwidey subdistrict.

    The Secretary coordinates the emergency response carried out by the technical agency, especially for some important issues related to evacuation (victim data collection, relief needs and distribution, temporary shelter), victim assistance (data collection type and number of needs).

    "In addition to the immediate recovery of basic infrastructure (water, electricity, shelter) and the restoration of public facilities (schools, and others). No less important also coordination with Perhutani need to be done more seriously. This is related to the conversion of forest land into agricultural land, "he concluded.

    In the future, related to the transfer of land, the Secretary added that his side will formulate a solution in terms of local authority to manage the functioning forests, as well as the economic activities of the people living in the area, and even we will report to the Governor of West Java .

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