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    Together with Demiz, Jokowi Inaugurated the One Million House Program in Cikarang


    BEKASI REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) accompanying the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurated low-cost housing project for Low-Income Community (MBR) at Arrayan Mosque Kencana Housing Villa Cikarang, Pulo Sirih Street No. 84 Sukajadi, Bekasi Regency, Thursday (4/5/17). This housing project is part of the Million House Program initiated by the Central Government through the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia.

    The housing project of Villa Kencana Cikarang is a credit aid from PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk. Worth a total of Rp 144.37 trillion. Bank BTN in cooperation with PT Arrayan Bekasi Development provides a landed house for the MBR with down payment of Rp 1.12 million and an installment of around Rp 800,000 / month.

    After the inauguration ceremony, Vice governor Demiz said that the housing is a solution for people to have a home. "I think this is one of the housing solutions, people can reach the price, the down payment and the mortgage," said Demiz.

    However, on this occasion Demiz also reminded the construction of a tread house that also must pay attention to agricultural land. Because the project of Villa Kencana Cikarang is built on the previous land of rice fields. To that end, Demiz wants to forward the construction of housing can be further developed vertical houses or flats with adequate facilities.

    "If all the houses are possible, all agricultural land will also decrease, maybe someday, we have to develop flat, upward vertical, good facilities, good facilities (public facilities)," Demiz said.

    "If this (Villa Kencana Cikarang) rice field, do not let our agricultural land is reduced, so (vertical housing) is solution also, now it is vertical or tread already exist.If the tread is 105 hectares, do not get the absorp power (soil) also distubed So we have to see the channel, and we also ask for the absorption well, so the water has a pervasive place, "he added.

    Meanwhile, in his speech President Jokowi said that the development project of a million houses is one of the Government's siding with the community. According Jokowi, Government should be able to meet one of the basic needs of the community.

    "People want to have the house to be fulfilled by the government, especially with the rising prices of land in urban areas, increasing the price of land in industrial areas, the more important the government's partisanship towards the basic needs of the people, the house," said Jokowi in his speech at the inauguration ceremony.

    Jokowi was happy and welcomed this Million House program can be done well. Moreover, at this time the government has provided a down payment facility or DP for people who want to own a house. According to him, people must be brave and have the confidence to have a home.

    "The most important of first step, the people already have a house first.Importantly, people should dare to make sure that they manage, manage their finances and can have a house. Because now the government is preparing the facility, the faisility of assistance for the down payment and the administration can Paid, "said Jokowi.

    Villa Kencana Cikarang housing project is planned to be built on an area of 105 hectares in Bekasi. Total houses to be built reaches about 8,749 housing units.

    President Director of Bank BTN Maryono said that his party is committed to continue to support the fulfillment of housing needs in Indonesia. In addition, in this project BTN also plays not only as a lender of Home Ownership (KPR), but also channel credit for developers.

    "We continue to provide credit facilities not only for individual customers, but also for developers to be able to meet the needs of Indonesian people's homes, including lower middle class people," said Maryono in the inauguration of Kencana Villa Cikarang.

    On this occasion also made a mortgage agreement for 1,200 housing units. The development of Kencana Villa Cikarang itself started since 2016 then. The existing house here has a 25/60 type with a price per unit ranging from Rp 112 million - Rp 141 million. As for mortgage access, people simply issue a DP of 1% and 5% fixed installment interest up to 20 years.

    As of March 2017, Arrayan has recorded the construction of 4,734 housing units in the housing project of Kencana Villa Cikarang. Then BTN bank has also disbursed a loan of approximately Rp 500 billion for the project. The loan facility is provided for subsidized KPR for 3,612 houses in Kencana Villa Cikarang housing as well as for construction credits for Arrayan.

    Since the Million House nationwide program was launched in April 2015, until Quarter I / 2017 BTN bank has disbursed housing loans to 1.34 million housing units. The amount consisting of 433,350 units has become KPR and 908,032 units in the development process. The credit value that has been channeled by BTN bank in order to support the Million Home Program reaches approximately Rp 144.37 trillion.

    In addition to the subsidized KPR scheme, the people of Indonesia can also own the house through a partnership scheme of BTN bank and the Social Security Employment Administering Agency (BPJS-TK). Through this scheme, people can have a house worth a maximum of Rp 500 million with DP 1% and mortgage interest of 5% fixed up to 20 years.

    Another scheme is through Micro KPR to own or renovate the house with a maximum credit limit of Rp 75 million. Loans for informal workers with revenues ranging from Rp 1.8 million to Rp 2.8 million are subject to a 1% DP and installment schemes that can be paid daily or weekly.

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