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    Experts: Hacking Often Happen, Set up Complete BCP


    BANDUNG, Around early March 2017, Bukalapak and Tokopedia sites collapsed due to data center management (server). One of them, Telkomsel website hacked, and after many hours gradually recovered and re-accessible. A day later, Indosat's turn was hit with a relatively slow recovery.

    Chief Telematics Research Institute Sharing Vision, Dimitri Mahayana said, if the fall is the core operating system, then you can imagine how the direct losses experienced by companies and customers if the recovery is slow. Of course, plus the strategic loss, the decline of brand image and public trust in the reliability of the system managed by the company.

    "In the case of the website, sometimes the website is often not considered the main system, especially if it only provides information, does not support the operations and direct customer transactions," he said in Bandung, Thursday (4/5)

    According to him, in case of hacking the website of a company that has a mega brand such as Telkomsel, and its recovery takes hours, you can imagine the amount of indirect loss of strategic loss of brand image in the eyes of customers, investors and regulators, and the decrease of public confidence in system reliability Managed companies that allow the negative impact of another snowball.

    In response to this, said Dimitri, it recommends three things. First, the government reaffirmed the enactment of the PSTE 82/2012 Regulation, including the obligation to implement the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) thoroughly in line with best practices for system providers and electronic transactions for the public.

    "Perhaps a similar practice in the banking world that has long been implemented by the financial industry regulator, which requires the organizer to use a neutral external auditor to audit periodically at least once a year and reported to the regulatory agencies and sector regulator, can be considered," he explained.

    Secondly, all parties using electronic systems and transactions, both in the private and government sectors, should re-examine and implement the Business Continuity Plan, and keep it relevant and truly effective in achieving recovery targets when events do not Desired.

    Finally, said the Lecturer of School of Electrical Engineering of Information Technology ITB, consider the solution of efficient technology with optimal configuration accompanied by an effective activity plan. Also, the proper organization of BCP organization for the effective and efficient implementation of the BCP sustainability plan.

    "The frequency of hacks may increase dramatically, and power down can happen at any time with many unexpected factors, as well as other undesirable events that potentially cut business sustainability, so all must start to improve. ! " He concluded. (MAT)

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