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    Vice Governor: ICT Must More Grounded in West Java


    BANDUNG-The implementation of Communication and Information Technology (ICT) should be more grounded by providing valid information that is practical and significant impact to general public.

    ICT applications have to increasingly break through to the countryside in West Java, such as summarises the agriculture data from the cultivation time, harvest forecasts, and kind of seeds to ease all parties.

    “For example in Sukabumi being harvested chilli, but the chilli price in Sukabumi even more expensive than in Bandung. It happens because of speculators in commodity take advantage of gaps information, so here is the role of ICT should be increasingly," said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar while giving a speech in the Communications and Information Technology Award 2015 in Golden Flower Hotel, Bandung, on Monday (14/12) night.

    According to him, ICT has proven able to record, sort, and elaborate data effectively and efficiently, when referring to a number of applications in West Java provincial government as Information Systems Financial Reporting Area (SIPKD), Information Systems Management of the Regions (ATISISBADA), Information Systems Employees (SIMPEG), Integrated Services System, and much more.

    "However, we need more than that. ICT must be further dip in the community, encourage every village had its superior data commodities, so that the economy is running normally," he said.

    In the end, Deddy Mizwar said that inflation in West Java could be well controlled while the selling price of commodity will also be affordable. Moreover, the inflation rate in West Java during this relatively controlled and lower than the national inflation rate.

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