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    Aher: It's Time for Young People to Become Farmers


    ACEH-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) encourages the presence of a strong and qualified Young Farmers regeneration. It is said in the Rembug Utama Kontak Tani Nelayan Andalan/ Mainstay Farmer & Fisher Connection (KTNA) National, held at Anjong Mon Mata Building, Peuniti Complex Banda Aceh City, Wednesday (03/05/2017).

    Aher said, regeneration of farmers is very important, if in the next five to 10 years no effort. So it can be estimated that this country will lose farmers, or it can be said 'Indonesia will not have any more peasant figure.'

    "Failure to regenerate farmers will not only threaten food security and sovereignty, but also the survival of farming and farming itself," Aher said.

    So Aher said, agricultural extension workers have an important role in preparing the power or the younger generation of farmers.

    To encourage regeneration of farmers said Aher, a holistic policy is needed that target the parents and the younger generation. While the most important thing to do is make the family farmers become more prosperous.

    "Improving agricultural education needs to be done, it needs to be encouraged educational curriculum so that the agricultural world can go into the education curriculum from the basic level to college," he said.

    "Young people, or the younger generation are involved in the process of pre-production, production, post-product, and promotion and marketing," continued Aher.

    In addition, according to Aher, there is need policies that favor young farmers as well as multi-stakeholder cooperation between government, institutions, universities, private, to financial institutions.

    And no less important is the enactment of variations of youth empowerment methods that can attract interest and move the business, such as for example conducted in West Java through apprenticeship, the growth of young entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, comparative studies, and so forth. Thus, young people can be proud to be farmers

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