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    Naughty Otobus Comapnies Threatened Fines Rp12 Billion


    BANDUNG-Director of West Java Traffic Police Kombes Pol Tomex Kurniawan said the number of accidents caused by vehicles not roadworthy, Otobus Company (PO) can be convicted with a threat 3 times from 6 years in prison confinement with a fine of Rp12 billion.

    Tomex insists his side encourages Transportation Department not to hesitate to crack down on a rogue Otobus Company who does not pay attention to the goodness of his vehicle.

    "With all due respect we ask to save the citizens of the victims, the people have to pay in accordance with the provisions.The people have the right to ask the driver have the driving licence, vehicle registration, KIR book so that the public is guaranteed, the people must be critical," he told reporters in Bandung on Wednesday 3/5/2017)

    According to him, the accident that occurred twice long holiday in the Bogor Peak because the brakes do not function properly.

    "The test results of the two are the same, the brake system is not working, the brake houses are damaged, which means that the capacity of the passengers is a lot, and unfeasible, but the vehicles are not registered with the feasibility test," he concluded. (MAT)

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