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    Highest in Indonesia, Budget Absorption 2016 West Java Reaches 93.6%


    BANDUNG-Absorption of West Java Provincial Government budget for 2016 reached 93.6 percent. This budget absorption rate is the highest among other provinces in Indonesia. "It's not in history yet. This is highest among other provinces in Indonesia. All budget absorption in all offices has been up to a total of 93.6 percent in 2016, "said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher).

    Aher stated that after attending Special Plenary Session of West Java Parliament which scheduled the Report of Special Committee I on the discussion of LKPJ Governor End of Year 2016, Determination of LKPJ Governor Result End of Year 2016 and Submission of Recommendation to Governor of West Java on Discussion Results LKPJ End of Year 2016, on Tuesday (02 / 05/2017) night at the office of West Java Parliament Diponegoro Street Bandung.

    In the special committee report I West Java Parliament mentioned, macro and micro economic growth rates in general have increased. Then, throughout the year 2016 development programs undertaken by West Java provincial government has succeeded and led to 22 awards from the central government to the national level.

    "Alhamdulillah all goes well, macro and micro economic growth figures are generally up the whole. We also do not expect the development program that we make to produce awards even though since the beginning of development we are not intended to get an award, "said Aher.

    He also realizes there are still shortcomings in the implementation of development in the year 2016 and has become a record for improvement in the next year. Although the unemployment rate is slightly up but at the same time the poverty rate has decreased.

    "I say that all macro indicators of West Java 2016 are all positive except in the unemployment rate which slightly rose but at the same time our poverty rate fell significantly," he said.

    The increase is according to Aher, the cause is holistic, can be from external, central policy, province and also policy of Regency / City because all of them are related.

    "This will be our evaluation because this is the first time, in previous years did not happen, but at the same time we just in 2016 it gets the highest economic growth rate in Java, then the decline in poverty in West Java fell sharply too, Its trend, "he explained.

    Once established into the Province with the largest investment in Indonesia 2016, it should be able to absorb high workforce. Aher rates, there are some investors who secure their investment for the capital-intensive sector not for labor intensive.

    "Unemployment should be absorbed, what's wrong with this investment lest the investment in the capital-intensive sector not for labor intensive therefore our future will be fully surgical and we will direct this investment to impact on employment," said Aher.

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