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    Bandung Regency as Organizer for Asian Powerlifting Championship 2017


    Bandung-Bandung regency hosted the Asian haeavy weight Championship entitled Asian Powerlifting Championship 2017 held at Gymnasium Building Si Jalak Harupat on 1 - 5 May 2017.

    Regent of Bandung, H. Dadang M. Naser, S.H., S.Ip., M.Ip., said the appointment of Bandung Regency as the organizer of Asian Powerlifting Championship 2017 is a great gift after 33 years of heavy lifting history.

    "Being host of the Asian heavy weight championship is the second time for Indonesia where a similar championship was held in Bandung in 1984 ago, precisely at the Hotel Preanger," said Regent of Bandung in his speech when officially opened the Asian Powerlifting Championship 2017 at the Si Jalak Harupat Gymnasium, Tuesday (2/5).

    No exaggeration, according to Dadang M. Naser, if the Regency of Bandung appointed to host, in addition to the successful implementation of PON XIX West Java, Bandung Regency also has a very complete equipment, all equipment can be used and all the tools are new and well maintained. Other supporting factors are strategic geographic location, comfortable climate and good infrastructure support.

    "In addition, Bandung regency is able to produce legendary weight lifting athletes, one of which last won the silver medal of Rio 2016, Sri Wahyuni from Banjaran," said Dadang.

    Gymnasium building that is used is an asset of Bandung Regency, especially supported after the implementation of PON XIX 2016, the equipment is an asset of PB PABBSI granted to Bandung Regency Government.

    This activity, said Dadang, is actually part of a concrete step to strengthen unity among countries in Asia. Togetherness is the main goal, 'Asian One Vision, One Identity, One Community,' (Asia one vision, one identity, one community). He believes Asia will be an important region and pillar of progress on a world level.

    "I would like to thank PB Central PABBSI, that Bandung Regency is appointed to host the Lift Weight Championship after several times in the evaluation of this Gymnasium Building, this building will be used as training base or training center for local and national athletes," added Dadang.

    In addition to this Gymnasium Building, Bandung regency also continues to develop venues in Si Jalak Harupat to support the achievements in other sports, such as shooting branches, horse races and others to seek Bandung Regency as a sports center or athletes Village and The name of the nation.

    "To realize this Atlet Village, Regency Government will not be able without the existence of a third party for professional management, and there is a feasibility test of who is feasible to manage the complex of Si Jalak Harupat," concluded Dadang.

    Meanwhile, Daily Chief of PB PABBSI, Mayjen (Ret.) Joko Pramono said that Indonesia is one of the pawns in building the world's weight lifting sport, especially in Asia.

    "In this branch of Indonesia, including a strong country, the athletes are very talented and potentially, this should continue to be fostered, about Indonesia's toughest opponent in this event is the same as the Olympics, because in the Olympics was our toughest opponent in Asia , Especially the Middle East, so from this event we can test our strength for the bigger arena of the Olympics, "he said.

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