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    West Java Governor Confirms Heavy Sanctions For Naughty Bus Companies


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java requested the relevant agencies to give strict sanctions against the autobus Company (PO) in violation of the regulations causing the accident.

    "I ask the related parties, especially West Java Transportation Department or other related institutions to give severe sanctions.This is a tremendous omission, including serious violations," he told reporters at the West Java Parliament building on Tuesday night (2/5)

    Aher greeting Governor of West Java said the incident was twice in a row and in the near future. He estimates the two tour buses are not worth to operate.

    "Both events are at Puncak, I'm afraid the brakes are failure or the bus is not worth to operate, if it is forced to cause an accident, it is a serious violation to the autobus company," he said.

    The governor asked the relevant authorities to investigate the incident. Even if proven to violate, it does not hesitate to revoke the permit

    "If proven to be in violation, I recommend to the party which is issuing permission to revoke its license. This is important as a form of sanction in order to have a deterrent effect. It could be a vehicle that had an accident that did not have KIR and others, "he said.

    Aher adds this incident is a black note for a naughty tourist autobus and ignores the procedures for the feasibility of the vehicle to operate. "There could be a KIR that is not noticed, brakes are also failure, or even the driver is not the real driver or back up driver," he concluded.

    As It is known, there are three accidents that occurred in Tanjakan Selarong, Cipayung Village, Bogor Regency, on April 22, in Ciwidey, on 23 April, and last on Jalan Raya Puncak Ciloto Village, Bogor Regency, 30 April. In Ciloto, the death victim reaches 11 people. (MAT)

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