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    Startup Presentation in Front of Global Investors


    BANDUNG-The Indigo.id assisted startup assesses the importance of presentation opportunities (pitching) in front of global investors, and hopes to be given a greater opportunity in the future.

    PrivyID CEO Marshall Pribadi said his side rate it is extraordinary that Indigo.id's opportunity to facilitate its ten assistance for pitching in front of a number of global capital ventures.

    "This is extraordinary because other incubators do not give us this opportunity: the five-minute pitching ahead of the global venture capital is a rare and special opportunity for the majority of startups in the country," he said in Bandung on Monday (01/05/2017).

    Ten selected are Sonar, Goers, Amtiss, Minutes, Forstok, Privyid, Kofera, Kartoo, Payfazz, and Jasa Connect. Leaders of the company are presentations in front of Christine Herron (Managing Director of Intel Capital), Bill Reichert (Managing Director of Garage Ventures), Andrew Romans (General Partner Rubicon VC), Richard Jun (Managing Director of BAM Ventures), Pravan Malhotra (IMF Venture Capital), and more.

    Indigo.id guides generally show their portfolios at the beginning and middle of the presentation, with an end to the potential for capital injection that can be capital venture to enlarge the startup business. Potential disbursement of funds from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.

    Marshall added, the privileged facility is also added by one location of exhibition booth at the location of the activity. Therefore, it does not mind following the activities with the company's internal transportation and accommodation duties.

    According to him, the existence of capital venture and angel investors is very significant for the sustainability and progress of a digital pilot company to be able to improve its services both local and global.

    "Previously we were also given a similar opportunity, for example in Tech In Asia 2016 in Jakarta with a crowded crowd at that time.We hope Indigo can continue to give this opportunity in the future to startup Indonesia progress," he continued.

    The owner of digital authentication company expects that it can participate in similar activities of GVS but larger scale RISE in Hong Kong which will be held in the next few months.

    The presentation also involves about 50 other startups either in / abroad, but the presentation time is given a maximum of one minute with the time sequence done after all Indigo.id ends are completed presentation.

    As for, Goers CEO Sammy Ramadan added that his side is grateful for the opportunity, which he said is very exciting and challenging to do digital business pioneering that focus on event management and tourism.

    "It is very challenging to pitch in Bali, in front of the big hall and watch many other startup in the world and global venture capital, of course hope, they become more familiar with our application in the future," he concluded.

    As it is known, in the Global Venture Summit (GVS) event in Nusa Dua Bali, 19-21 April 2017, by presenting among others about 25 venture capital from Silicon Valley, more than 50 angels (international injectors social), up to hundreds of information technology companies Communication (ICT). (MAT)

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