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    Governor of West Java Back To Bandung


    BANDUNG-After a pilgrimage since the middle of last September, Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) will arrive in Singapore on Monday (5/10) morning.

    According to Ade Sukalsah, Private Secretary to the Governor, who did the pilgrimage with the Governor and his wife, and also the group of JKS 67, they will depart from Jeddah through Saudia flight on Sunday (4/10) afternoon at 11.00.

    "The delegation is expected to arrive at Halim Airport on Monday, October 5th, 2015 at 01:00. After process of checking in immigration, the governor will head to Bandung directly, at the official residence Pakuan," he said by e-mail to the Public Relations of West Java Province, on Saturday (3/10) night.

    According to his statement, estimated Monday (5/10) at dawn, Aher and wife arrive in Pakuan, Cicendo, to meet with six children and their families after three weeks has not met.

    Previously, Ade said, as a member of a regular pilgrimage, Aher join in group 16 JKS, Maktab 50, and accommodation number 707 in Hotel Joharat Al Rashidin, Jarwal. Once before, along with hundreds of other members at Durat Al Aseel after returning from Armina.

    In hotel transit , the delegation will stay until 02.00 and then departed from the hotel towards the Jeddah Airport on Saturday (3/10) at 03.00 am. From Jeddah, then will continue the trip to Indonesia.

    Once in Indonesia, until now there has been no information when Aher will work again at Gedung Sate. He seems likely need a rest to recover stamina while accepting a pilgrimage guest.

    As the Amirul Hajj, Aher had time to accompany the last group the day before.

    When he did the pilgrimage, in addition to the Furdhu, he also do some of activities that serve the public (especially group from West Java) was intensively carried by this man from Sukabumi. There are by collecting hajj officers in order to further optimize the service to pilgrims and provide compensation for victims of the crane incident, and help deal with the disaster Mina until returning to Indonesia.

    For approximately eight years in office as Governor of West Java, only this time Aher duty as the Amirul Hajj pilgrimage group from West Java, reached 31,000 pilgrims.

    The governor has a permit Minister of Home Affairs No. 857/4615 / SJ dated August 18, 2015 regarding permission abroad because of important reasons.
    During that period, the running of the government continue to run with the appointment of the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar as Daily Executive (Acting). This refers to the West Java Governor Decree 121 / Kep.1033-Pem.Um / 2015 is set on September 14, 2015. In the Governor Decision was mentioned to ensure the sustainability of the organization, while the provincial government for the West Java Governor is leaving.

    Government solidity apparent when Deputy Governor must carry out state duties to Australia on 23-27 October. This task was then performed by the Acting Secretary / Asda IV, Iwa Karniwa.



    Overcoming Flood, DBMP Ready to Make 222 Infiltration Wells

    BANDUNG - Government of Bandung City, in this case is the Department of Highways Irrigation (DBMP) Bandung, will build around 222 points infiltration wells.

    Secretary of DBMP Bandung, Didi Ruswandi say that the efforts by making 222 points infiltration wells is to overcome the frequent flooding in some areas in Bandung.

    "Making the absorption wells is one attempt to address the flooding, which is still going on when the rain comes," he said. According to Didi, the plan of making infiltration wells will be carried out in a number of streets protokal spread across 6 regions in Bandung.

    "As planned, the manufacture of 222 recharge wells will be starting next week on the streets of the protocol," he said.

    Didi said, the budget is prepared to make a 222 point recharge wells will taken from APBD Bandung.

    "We budgeting of pure budget from Rp 900 million. For each of the six regions of Rp 150 million, so it does not need to be an auction but a direct appointment, "he said. (Parno)




    Completed Pilgrimage, Aher Meet Up With Reporter

    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) started his activities as governor after the pilgrimage by meeting with some of journalists in Pakuan Building, Jl. Otto Iskandardinata No. 1 Bandung, on Monday afternoon (5/10/15). Aher and his entourage arrived in Indonesia on Monday (5/10) morning.

    In a meeting that was held on lunch, Aher recounted some of his experiences while performing Hajj with regular facility for 2 weeks. After the meeting, Aher was interviewed by reporters who attend. "Why is regular facility? It's because of course I want to know the situation, the condition of pilgrims from West Java especially," said Aher.

    "I was there with the pilgrims especially from West Java, during the four days before the day of H. I have traveled to various maktab, and groups to look more closely at what kind of conditions the Hajj pilgrims from West Java," said Aher.

    Aher also said that the facility received during in the Holy Land, such as restaurants, hotels, and transport was same with other pilgrims. Moreover, the existing facilities in the Holy Land for the pilgrims is increase from year by year, such as air-conditioning facilities and carpet that it's needed at Arafat or Mina. "Insya Allah, next year it can be fullfiled from the budget of the Province (West Java). It can be said that it's a reward for all the pilgrims. And maybe, the carpet can provided through carpet from Tasik that also able empowering our society's economy," said Aher.

    This year, pilgrims from West Java who fulfill the 5th Pillars of Islam are 
    amounted to 29 888 people, divided into 68 fleet.

    "The pilgrimage of West Java was the greatest. This year is almost 30 thousand. Next year is normal, back to number 38 thousand to 10 thousand plus a percentage of the national quota. And maybe in the next coming year it could be nearly 40 thousand," said Aher.

    Meanwhile, related to Mina tragedy that occurred on Thursday (24/9) around 07.30, Aher told me that the tragedy occurred when he was at the scene throwing Jumrah. And when in the Holy Land, Aher had been coordinated, either with officials from the Ministry of Religious areas Mecca, as well as the Minister of Religious Affairs related to victims of West Java.

    "The last information, from the 68 fleet West Java who has many victims it is group 61. The victims who died from Group 61 already was identified a number of 43 people, and 17 peoples still sought," said Aher.

    By this incident, Aher argues for the implementation of the Hajj, now should implement Fiqh priority, where safety must be treated as priority rather than keafdhalan. "In West Java I had the idea of some sort of seminar, invited the scholars competent to discuss this situation. Discuss fiqh priorities in the pilgrimage, as it was more less of the subject, "said Aher.

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