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    Elections of DPD Members Through Pansel is Not Logical


    BANDUNG-Committee IV Member of the Indonesia Regional Representative Council (DPD), Ayi Hambali said the DPD members election through the pansel is very unreasonable because it is contrary to the logic of constitutional law.

    "This may be a kind of covert target to dwarf DPD. If you want to remove the amendment because DPD is in the constitution," he told reporters in Bandung, Monday (1/5/2017)

    The draft of the Election Law states that the election of DPD members must be through a pansel (DPRD, provincial, and governor).

    "This is not feasible and strange because the DPD is the same position with the House of Representatives and the president but it is selected by pansel that notabene under it," he said.

    Ayi explained, the big issue in DPD is people question how the party's people are in DPD. It does not break.

    "It is the first law in 2002 did not allow it but then in 2014 changed by the House of Representatives that members of the DPD may be from the party," he added.

    Ayi rates if party people will strengthen the performance of DPD. Now many Hanura politicians who inhabit in DPD, but also some other members such as Golkar and PKS.

    "According to the law, the DPD is an election regime, so it is worth deciding the election, but now the issue of DPD members is not qualified, not that, but the authority does not exist," he said.

    In addition, many budgetary considerations have been drawn up by DPD, such as special allocation funds, general allocation funds, but because the authority of the DPD is less regarded as less sexy and does not work. For that reason they played down the DPD.

    "I think 90% of the DPD members are qualified and master the problem, but there is no authority, if there is more authority then it will be more visible, we do not ask all laws to be discussed with the government and the Parliament, but only as our domain is like regional autonomy" .

    Ayi asserted the strengthening of DPD is not only for its members but to sit down and straighten out the constitutional matters. While the problem there is a two-room system only one full.

    "So far what we convey from the village to the House of Representatives, just yawned away. We do not ask for more, but please what the public aspiration to convey," he concluded. (MAT)

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