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    West Java Department of Transportation Will Revoke Bus License


    BANDUNG-West Java Department of Transportation (Dishub) closes the ranks with all otobus companies (PO) associated with a number of accidents in the Puncak that resulted in death, and Ciwidey area, Bandung regency some time ago. West Java Department of Transportation will also revoke the bus that does not obey the rules.

    "We have meeting with the otobus companies (PO) or other land transportation service providers related to a number of accidents such as Ciloto, Salarong Panje and Tanjakan in Ciwidey," he told reporters in Bandung (2/5/2017).

    Dedi explained, the accident was caused brake failure of Kitrans Bus police numbered B 7057 BGA that can not be controlled because the brakes are not working.

    "The meeting with the otobus companies (PO) to confirm the commitment on the supervision of every vehicle it has really worth the way, if otobus companies (PO) or the transportation service provider does not want to implement the existing commitment then we will revoke the permit," he explained.

    According to him, West Java Department of Transportation emphasized the principle of "Tri Ready" for every otobus company ie first man or his driver must be ready physically or physically and mentally healthy and the second is ready administration that is checked that this vehicle has vehicle registration, test book and driver SIM, third is ready for physical vehicle.

    "Vehicles must be true in every six months period must be tested periodically in accordance with the mandate of Law No. 22 of 2009 on road traffic, then the Government Regulation No. 55 of 2012 related vehicles must be tested periodically every six months or a year twice , "He said.

    Furthermore, every day the otobus company (PO) should conduct routine checking activities on all aspects of the vehicle.

    "This otobus company (PO) must provide and prepare the workshop, it should be checked that this vehicle is really worthy of the road, it is usually ready on the otobus company (PO) which already has a good system, it requires to be checked in between the driving tools, then the incubation function, the tire condition and related to the vehicle transmission must be ascertained worthy of the road, "he concluded. (MAT)

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