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    State-Owned Enterprise Employees Must Participate in Economic Independence


    BANDUNG–In relation to May Day, Workers Union of State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) will continue to struggle for the welfare of employees/workers who from time to time are always in threat of exploitation of employers.

    Despite continuing to grow, the struggle to hack the prosperity does not always end successfully, even though the state and government have intervened far enough through a number of legislative instruments, ranging from the inclusion of workers' rights in the constitution to the detailed arrangements on remuneration, the application of industrial relations, employment agreement, and the establishment of the Industrial Relations Court.

    Several Trade Unions have demonstrated a real spirit and effort to defend the interests of the Nation for the sake of national independence beyond the affairs of the stomach and wages. Workers Union of State Electricity Company (SP PLN), for example, had filed a Law Number 30 of 2009 on Electricity Law several times, although the struggle is not entirely successful, but the effort is exemplary for other workers union in BUMN environment.

    Telkom Employees Union in tandem with the Federation of Workers Union of Strategic Enterprise managed to withhold the proposed Revision of Government Regulation No. 52 of 2000 on Telecommunication Operation that will be detrimental to the state.

    General Secretary of the Central Board of the Wrokers Union of PT Telkom, Abdul Kadir, said in the future, the attacks that will be aimed at the Nation and the State through games at the level of legislation and regulations will be intensified.

    "They will never stop to make this nation weak and always dependent. They are always trying to create dependency so that the mission of controlling this country is easy to achieve. Attempts to resist or deflect such attacks are not strong enough to only be handed over to the high-integrity idealist elites existing in parliament, in the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court as well as in the Government, "he said, Saturday.

    He added that there needs to be a synergistic reinforcement of popular movements that could be driven by the workers

    "We know that BUMN in Indonesia holds strategic sectors such as energy, technology and food that is why the activists of Trade Unions in these BUMN must be united, come with special mission in addition to the welfare of its members, that is a bigger mission, to encourage and strive to realize economic independence and sovereignty, "he said. Jo

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