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    Aher got Awarded as the Governor Who Cares about Sports


    JAKARTA-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher), successfully held various sporting events both nationally and internationally in West Java. At its peak, Aher successfully held National Sports Week (PON) XIX / 2016 and National Paralympic Week (Peparnas) XV / 2016 in West Java, even West Java managed to become the champion.

    For this achievement, Aher also received an award as the Governor Who Cares about Sports from Sports Journalists Section of Central Indonesian Journalists Association (SIWO PWI) given by the Minister of Youth and Sports of Indonesia, Imam Nahrawi, at the Golden Award 2017 SIWO PWI event at Peninsula Tower Hotel, Letjen S Parman street No. 78 Slipi, Palmerah, West Jakarta, Friday (28/4/17).

    "Thanks to SIWO of Central PWI, the burdern we bore were quite heavy when we were appointed as the organiser of National Sports Week (PON) 2016," said Aher.

    In his impression when receiving this award, Aher told when the bidding for PON XIX / 2016 organiser in 2010, West Java was so enthusiastic to be the host. Aher thought that PON is a national event, so the funding will come from the Central Government.

    "It was so unexpected, it turned out the entire cost (for PON) was from Regional Budget (APBD) of West Java. It was burdensome for us,  but the responsibility of the organisation of PON encouraged us to be determined to hold the PON with of course the largest funds are those for the construction of new venues," said Aher.

    However, there are wisdom that can be taken from it. Aher said the PON had a tremendous impact, so West Java now has five international-standard stadium, namely Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium in Bandung city, Si Jalak Harupat stadium in Bandung regency, Wibawa Mukti stadium in Bekasi regency, Patriot Chandra Bhaga stadium in Bekasi City, and Pakansari stadium in Bogor regency.

    "So it is indeed to go forward there is something else to be forced with a heavy mandate. This is what - according to Motivation Theory is a spirit built on a heavy mandate or in our language in West Java is the spirit of kepepet. So it worked, Alhamdulillah," he said.

    West Java also managed to achieve success in PON XIX / 2016 and Peparnas XV / 2016. In accordance with the Four Chess of Success that proclaimed, namely Success in Organizing, Success in Achievement, Success Economically, and Success in Administration.

    Golden Award 2017 held by SIWO of central PWI was held as a form of appreciation not only to the athletes, and coaches who have contributed to the name of Indonesia, but it was also given to ministers, governors, regents, figures, as well as other sports stakeholders.

    There are 17 categories announced at the event that took Theme: "Mari Bung, Sukseskan Asian Games 2018". In addition to Aher, South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin also received the same award.

    In addition, several other categories include: Male Hope Athlete (Aero Sutan Aswan, Jetski), Female Hope Athlete (Medina Wardan Aulia, Women Grand Master Chess), Male Favourite Athlete (Boa Salosa, National Football Athlete), Female Favourite Athlete (Lisa Kwok, Wushu Athlete), Best Coach (Richard Maenaki), Best Female Athlete (Sri Wahyuni, Weightlifting), Best Male Athlete (Eko Yuli Irawan, Weightlifting), Olympic Gold Relay (Imam Nahrawai, the Minister of Youth and Sports of Indonesia), Life Time Achievement Award (Agum Gumelar), and Best of The Best (Tantowi Ahmad and Lilyana Natsir, Badminton).

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