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    Eco-Music Camp 2017, A Complete Package of Natural Campaign and Tourism


    SUBANG–Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), opened the Eco Music Camp 2017. The international event which had been held three times by West Java Tourism Office is now taking the theme of "Music Bio- Diversity". This year event was held 27-29 April 2017, located at Tea Garden Resort Subang Regency, West Java.

    Demiz said, Eco Music Camp is one effort to empower every manpower to participate in socializing how to maintain the environment. Meanwhile, music becomes an effective medium in conveying the message. Thus, through this activity, the socialization of the environment as well as cultural introductions can be done at once.

    "We keep campaigning about environment! Hopefully with this music there are also effects to its tourism. At least we stimulate the people who come, hear, everything to try to be the one in guarding nature, this is the goal, "said Demiz at Tea Garden Resort Subang, Friday (28/04/2017).

    So the concert in the open, a choice to combine the love of art at once in nature. Not only up there, this uniqueness is also a tourist attraction. In this regard, Eco Music Camp explores the potential of local artists, showcases international class performances, and exposes the potential of natural beauty.

    "Eco Music Camp targets young people, usually a community of nature lovers is full of young people, so we with a musical approach from Indonesia, the region, also various countries we hope to attract other young people to be also interested in becoming activists of Environment, "he said.

    Special, this year's Eco Music Camp features the top musicians. Like the domestic musicians Sandhy Sondoro, Karinding Attack, Littlelute, Harry Roesli Music House (RMHR), INO Ensemble, and Ambon Youth Brassband. Meanwhile, from abroad, performing folk singers from America Leanna Rachel, DJ Kamau who perform African music in the form of remixes, and other performers.

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