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    Vice Governor Wants Pasanggiri Becomes Annual Agenda


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar says the performing arts in fourth wave of economy (creative economy), after agriculture economy, industry economy, information economy. "Performing arts became one of creative economy elements. There is economic empowerment through arts," said Deddy.

    According to Deddy, it needs to be developed in a sustainable potential by young generation, so they can interpret and explore themselves through creative arts, music, and theatre.

    Even though, there are some arts in West Java is extinct, but there are also encouraging from a creative group, such as in Majalengka with their new art. Now there are music tile in Majalengka has became globally.

    It has been taking place in 5 regions of BKPP in West Java. Pasanggiri involving two thousand artists from all counties and cities in West Java and most of them are young people.

     "It shows the spirit of art in West Java was extremely high and widespread among young people. It is optimism that we should be proud," Deddy said in his speech.

    Deddy also expressed his wishes that Pasanggiri will be held every year, as an expression of the younger generation and creative industries development in West Java.

    "Art is the soul of culture, Pasanggiri is a cultural expression of the various districts/cities in West Java expressed through art. Pasanggiri Dance, Music, and Theatre should be held every year. Agree?,” asked Deddy to the participants who answered the cries of agree.

    Through Pasanggiri also expected that artists in West Java able to give birth of creativity new art. Deddy said this could be done through additional knowledge and insights more broadly on the development acculturated art world.

    "We also have to see how art world industry stimulate the world cultures. It is very important because no more barriers now,” said Deddy.

    "We've tried in Gotrasawala about the art of music. ISBI parties collaboration with the world music figures, and was found that variety of musical instruments in West Java able to collaborate with other types of world music,” said Deddy.

    The winners of Pasanggiri received a prize of trophy and guidance money, which worth Rp 20 million (First winner), Rp 15 million (2nd winner), and Rp 10 million (3rd winner). While the individual winners from all areas earn coaching money amounting to Rp 7.5 million.

    And following the winners of the 2nd Pasanggiri Arts Music, Dance, and Theatre 2015 in West Java Province :

    1. Category of Art Music / Karawitan:

    - Musician / Best Pangrawit: Nining of Garut

    - Playground Music / Best Karawitan: Budi Setiawan of Karawang

    - Presenters Music / Best Karawitan 1: Bogor

    - Presenters Music / Best Karawitan 2: Sumedang Regency

    - Presenters Music / Best Karawitan 3: Cirebon

    2. Category of Dance:

    - Best Dancer: Rio Tirta from Sukabumi

    - Best Choreographer: Image of Karawang

    - Best Dance Presenter 1: Karawang

    - Best Dance Presenter 2: Cimahi

    - Best Dance Presenter 3: Sukabumi

    3. Category of Theatre:

    - Best Actor: Syam Firmansyah (Perang Abah Kohar) from Sukabumi

    - Best Director: Ade Fatullahisyam of Cirebon

    - Best Theatre Presenter 1: Sukabumi

    - Best Theatre Presenter 2: Cirebon

    - Best Theatre Presenter 3: Cimahi

    It was also attended by the Head of Tourism and Culture of West Java, Head Bureau of Basic Social Services of West Java Province, the Heads/Representatives of the Regency/City in West Java, ISBI Academician, juries, and Pasanggiri participants of Dance, Music, and Theatre 2015.

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