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    Bawaslu Has been Asked to Encourage Public and Parties' Participation in Supervising the Election


    BANDUNG-Election Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) is an indipendent institution that is chosen by Contitution Number 15 in 2011 about Holding General Election (Pemilu). This institution has a duty to supervise election in Indonesia. Bawaslu's supervision has been started from preparation until organization. It has function to enforce law if violation has found during the election.

    Although the main function of bawaslu is supervising, however they are asked to actively participate in encouraging citizens' participation in supervising the election. Including Head Regional Election (Pilkada) that has been held twice which are in 2015 and 2017.

    As stated by Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) the Vice Governor during the event of Introducing Election Supervising Participatory and West Java Bawaslu Award 2017 at Harris Hotel Festival Citylink, on Peta Street Number 241, Bandung City, Thursday night (4/27/17). Demiz said that in every regional election, it needed not only effective and efficient supervising, but also be able to encourage public participation and political parties to do supervisory of Regional Election.

    "I think, the important thing about Bawaslu is how citizens can partcipate actively. Since KPU focuses on encouraging citizens to exercise their rights to vote. Then, Bawaslu supervises the election. Those duties are different," Demiz said in his speech.

    "Then, supervising system cannot be separated with Enforcing Regulation of Regional Election system. Therefore, it needs not only effective and efficient supervising, but also be able to encourage public participation and political parties to do supervisory of regional election. This is the message of this event," he explained.

    It is stated in Consititution Number 18 Article 131 in 2015, that the core is to support the elections that can be able to involve citizens participation.

    Citizen participation can be done by supervising every stage of election, election socialization, political education for voters, survey and sharing about election, and quick count of the result of election. So that it will remain neutral, and it does not disturb the process of election, that has purpose to improve citizens participation on politics widely, and to encourage conducive situation during the election.

    Moreover, print and electronic media become source of information for citizens. Besides, informing the result of supervisory that has been done by supervisors, mass media is also expected to actively participate in supervising by reporting the real condition of the election, and also the information that has been delivered by citizens.

    In this occassion, the Members of Indonesia Election Supervisory Agency Rahmat Bagja revealed his commitment to improve citizens participation in supervising the election in 2018 and 2019. The stage of 2018 election will be started from August 2017, while Members of Legislative and President will be started in December 2017.

    "For that reason, we really expect from West Java. There are 16 cities/regencies, there is one Governor and his Vice election. It is our duties, not only for KPU, but also for Provincial Bawaslu. Not only regional supervisors, but also from all of you, the Government, DPRD, High Prosecutor, Provincial Police, and stakeholders -- especially from political parties," Rahmat said in his speech.

    As stated by Rahmat, Political Parties (Parpol) should be the first guard of democracy in Indonesia. Parpol can controll the public and whatever happens in the next election. For that reason, Parpol participation is needed to be improve since they will enforcing regulation of election that are direct, general, free, and confidential, and also honest and justice.

    Moreover, the election of Governor and his Vice, in 3rd wave of West Java regional election in 2018, there will be regency heads election in 10 regencies which are West Bandung, Bogor, Purwakarta, SUbang, Sumedang, Majalengka, Cirebon, Kuningan, Ciamis, and Garut. And also the mayor election that will happen in 6 cities which are Bandung, Banjar, Bekasi, Bogor, Cirebon, and Sukabumi.

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