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    Demiz, "Let's make North Beach of West Java becomes green!"


    BEKASI REGENCY-The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) encourage many parties whether from Government environment, Academics, Companies, and citizens in West Java to do greening of North Beach area in West Java. It is important since it is for balancing the development and industries in West Java.

    Demiz the Vice Governor revealed that in Jababeka Eco Week 2017 in D'Khayangan Senior Living, Jababeka Industrial Area, Bekasi Regency, Thursday (4/27/17). Demiz also appreciated the steps that have been done by Directors and employees of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur for their commitment and dedication towards enviromental conservation in West Java, especially in the north beach area (Pantura).

    "Pantura experiences extremely abrasion in their beaches. Ponds and roads are in threathened due to extemely abrasion. So that in this Jababeka Eco Week, the idea to make plant Mangrove in Pantura needs to be supported by many parties," Demiz revealed in his speech.

    "We can make Pantura areas in West Java green. We don't need to plan every spot, do we? There are 400 km from Bekasi to Indramayu. We can make it green if we do it together," he encouraged.

    Furthermore, Demiz said that the greening program can choose 7 industrial areas in West Java such as Karawang and Bekasi. If it is done together with 3,000 companies which are located in West Java, it will affect in Pantura environmental conservation, and also empowering citizens economic. In planting mangrove, it only cost IDR 15 million per hectare with 2 years treatment.

    "If mangrove forest is success then there will be empowerment on citizens econimc whether from planting, treating, and also until it becomes a forest," Demiz said.

    The abrasion that happens along Pantura cost has been for dozens killometers, in fact there are several villages that have become bays due to extreme abrasion. Citizens who live near to Pantura cost have experienced flood from sea water.

    Two years ago, other companies, it is Toyota Motors Indonesia has participated in planting Mangrove at Pantura in Karawang Regency. Nowadays, the location has been a mangrove forest. In fact, the area will be an example or pilot project to develop a tourists destination.

    Mangrove is a plan that is used to prevent abrasion. In fact, Mangrove has two function, besides preventing abrasion, it also becomes an ecosystem for birds that live nearly to the coast. Mangrove area has potential become a tourists destination if it has turned into forest.

    In that ocassion, Jabaeco is held. It is integrated waste management to make coast and beach areas are free from rubish, so that it will be nice to looked at, and also it gives benefits for marine biota. For that reason, sea as one of the main economic resources of West Java and also for national can give higher benefits continously. The construction of waste management is a result of several companies collaboration in Jababeka.

    "We cannot be alon in making Jabar Masagi concept. There are private parties, government, academics, and then citizens. If the waste managemet has exist, then the operation will be handled by citizens, so that they also involve in managing waste. We actually facilitate them," Demiz concluded.

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