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    Mind Reflection Exhibition Encourage the Development of Creative Industry


    BANDUNG-Nowadays art is a sub-sector creative industry which has roles in giving contribution towards development of creative economy in Indonesia. In encouraging the development of creative industry, Andra Semesta holds Single Exhibition which is entitle with "Mind Reflection".

    Andra expressed his anxiety and his thought through his paintings. All of his paintings will be exhibited for a week. It is from April 27th 2017 to May 2nd 2017 at Lawangwangi Creative Space, Bandung.

    "I've painted 71 paintings, for the first time it is exhibited in Bandung," he said to reporters in Bandung, Friday (4/28/2017).

    According to him, Mind Reflection is his third exhibition after his previous exhibition that is entitle with "Mandala: Visualisasi Musik" at Cipta II Galery, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta (May 22-29 2015).

    "Moreover, I also held an exhibition entitled 'Peleburan Rupa, Nada, dan Kata' at Cemara 6 Galery on March 29th to April 11th 2016," he said.

    As for, the curator Galih Sedayu at Collaboration room said that it was from long time ago Andra Semesta did adore music. Music becomes his first inspiration and his best friend during the process of his paintings.

    "Due to Andra's synesthesia ability, music and songs that he have heard are reflected by him through visual voices so that it produces pantings which are abstract, expressive, and colorful," he explained.

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