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    Demiz: Successful Entrepreneurs, Don't Enjoy the Success only by Yourself


    BANDUNG - Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) encourages entrepreneurs who have been successful not to enjoy the success by themselves. When they still have small business, they are busy looking for partners, but when the business turns to be great they have fun themselves and do not want to make partners.

    "It's common, isn't it? If you've become a successful entrepreneur, it feels like you don't need any friends anymore, but when it's still a small business you're busy looking for partners. Ideally, you should continue to establish networking with all enterprises both big and small-scale businesses to help each other," said Demiz in his speech during the board inauguration of the National Businessmen Network (Japnas) of West Java at Savoy Homan Hotel, Bandung, Thursday (04/27).

    According to the Vice Governor, that is the core of the organization; trying to continue to build network so that the business sector can continue to develop.

    "I think that's what this organization is all about, right? To do networking, to build relationships to help each other, to support each other to keep growing," he said.

    Deddy Mizwar supports and appreciates the presence of Japnas in West Java because the potential of enterprises in West Java is quite large. West Java needs more employers than workers. (Pun)

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