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    The 53rd HBP, West Java Launches ICT-based Penitentiary Services


    BOGOR REGENCY- Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) led the Ceremony of the 53rd HBP (Hari Bhakti Pemasyarakatan) at Class IIA Penitentiary of Pondok Rajeg, Cibinong, Bogor Regency, on Thursday (4/27/2017). During the ceremony, it was launched several programs of Information and Communication Technology or ICT-based Penitentiary services.

    There are five Penitentiary programs inaugurated: Free Fingerprint-based Money Transfer Program (Kantin Jempol), ICT-based Visiting Services, ICT-based Security System, Saung Kahiji or Information service corner of Penitentiary activities "Bersinar" or Bersinergi Membangun Bangsa (Building the Nation in Synergy), and also LCibi (Lapas Cibinong) Radio.

    After the ceremony, the Vice Governor Demiz said that the services show a progress in the prison management system in Indonesia, particularly in West Java. According to him, the implementation of ICT-based system is a step to develop the prisoners of the Penitentiary as a preparation when returning to the community.

    "The point is that the prison system becomes correctional. It means that it really prepares them to return to the community to increase their productivity, their skills," Demiz said.

    It is expected that the change of Penitentiary management is not only focused on services for the prisoners. Demiz wants the change to also affect prison officers. These efforts become part of the change of the Penitentiary system to result in more humane treatment for offenders.

    "It also includes the performance of prison officers that should be improved, not just focusing on the prisoners for their mental rehabilitation, but the officers as well. So, it's comprehensive. There should also be training and collaboration with others. For example, cooperation, so they can also make an income since they are productive and creative," said Demiz.

    "I think this is a paradigm shift. It's been 53 years, if it doesn't change, it's unwise of us. So now it starts to be boosted how to change the paradigm of the colonial system, to see this prison (penalty) as training (coaching)," he explained.

    Vice Governor Demiz also appreciates various facilities in Cibinong Penitentiary Institution. According to him, facilities in the Penitentiary that have been established since 2008 is very adequate. He hopes it can be applied not only in West Java but also throughout Indonesia.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Law and Human Rights, Yasonna H Laoly in his message read by the Vice Governor in the ceremony, said that Penitentiary is a tool of revolution in 'nation and character building' which can be used as a moment for improvement.

    Correctional program as 'nation and character building' gives a meaning that the State must be able to build the personal capacity of law-breakers in order to become a better person. They are expected to be human beings who realize their mistakes, improve themselves, and will never commit criminal acts anymore. Therefore, they can actively play a role in development.

    "Penitentiary Institution is not only a conventional way of coaching the prisoners, but it can also be a means to encourage the production of quality products, even to provide income for the State, and also to provide income for prisoners to be more productive," said Yasonna in his message.

    Thus, there have been currently established and built several industries in prisons with many variants, such as manufacturing, printing, food, and cattle fattening.

    In the ceremony, some awards were given to 14 prison officers who have excelled in their jobs and got an award in the field of personnel. The award was given for their serious commitment to Zero Halinar (HP or mobile phone, Pungli or illegal levies, and Nakoba or Drugs), and to improve the quality of service to the community.

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