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    Aher Not to Allow 'Keramba' in Jatigede Dam


    SUMEDANG REGENCY- Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, asks related authorities not to give permission to use the dam for fish farming by using keramba (floating net cages).

    "We make a pilot project by managing public waters conducted by the community itself through fish farming," he said.

    The Governor is concerned that granting permits for fish farm floating cages such as in some other dams in West Java could affect the water cleanliness and cause a decrease in water quality.

    "We are certainly worried that the fishery waste due to feed makes an impact on the cost of turbine repair which is rapidly damaged, affects the equipment related to the dam that make them more easily damaged," he said.

    The Governor stated that in that way, people are free to look for fish in Jatigede Dam as much as possible, in which there have been fish spread by the Regional Government, of course.

    "We have spread about 12 million fish eggs, and today 5 million fish, and we ask the Department of Fisheries to spread at least 5 million eggs of various fish every year," said the Governor during the commemoration of World Water Day XXV at West Java Level which was centred in Jatigede Dam area, Sumedang Regency, Thursday (04/27). (Parno)

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