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    Employment Development Facing Challenges


    BANDUNG-Reflection of the end 2015 to the employment sector faces several challenges.

    It thus stated by Head of West Java Department of Manpower and Transmigration, Hening Widiatmoko in his statement to jabarprov.go.id on Monday (14/12).

    According to Hening, quantitative targets for employment until 2018 as many as 2 million people.
    Process to pursue those targets is running normally. It is recognised, in 2015 the percentage of employment absorption is decline due to termination, and some industries move to another province.

    This condition is triggered by a slowdown in economic growth at the macro level. However, behind these condition, there is still opportunities to create new employment. As the conditions evaluation of employment during 2015, the big industry is still operates in West Java.

    However, its role is not to absorb new labour maximally. These conditions, also occurred in Cianjur.
    Resource workforce in terms of quality is still limited. Employment conditions facing challenges where the supply situation is severe, while the demand situation is still limited in some specific job.

    Honing also describing to maximise role of the industry absorbing the labor force needed a new industrial area.

    Location option currently is in the north coast region. It takes increased through support for new infrastructure. Employment abroad this year is reduced because of domestic workforce informally abolished.

    But in terms of quality, these policy is better in terms of labour protection more controllable. Honing also describing the target of 2 million workforce, its realisation until November 2015 has reached 1.090 million people. For the rest who have not been reached is targeted at the end of 2018.

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