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    Musrenbangnas Discussed Government Work Plans 2018


    JAKARTA-National Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbangnas) was opened today by Indonesian President, Joko Widodo (Jokowi), at Bidakara Hotel, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (26/04/2017), with the theme "Spur Investment and Infrastructure for Growth and Equity,". This event will last until May 9, 2017 in Jakarta.

    Governor of West Java Province, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) with other governors in Indonesia, the leaders of the state high institutions, ministers and heads of non-ministerial government institutions, as well as the regents/mayors, with the direction of President Jokowi, discussed issues related to the preparation of Government Work Plan (RKP) for 2018.

    In his direction, President Jokowi asked the ministries, institutions, or local governments to focus on programs that are really a priority.

    "Do not make all as a priority. It's our habit, it's routine and repetitive. I see, almost in all regions because I read the APBD as well as APBN. Routine and repetitive," said Jokowi.

    For 2018, the government itself has set 10 national development priorities, covering education, health, housing and settlement, business and tourism development, energy security, and food security, then poverty alleviation, infrastructure, connectivity and maritime, regional development, as well as politics, law, defense, and security.

    Meanwhile, Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas, Bambang Brodjonegoro revealed that in Musrenbangnas, every national priority, priority program, and priority project and its location will be discussed jointly between the ministries/agencies (K/L) and the provincial governments. The preparation of RKP 2018 applies the principle of "money follows program" through thematic, holistic, integrative, and spatial approach with four focuses of reinforcement.

    "First, strengthening planning and budgeting is mainly conducted by sharpening national priorities and priority programs in 2018, and strengthening coordination between K/L and central-regions," Bambang said.

    Furthermore, Bambang also emphasized the issues related to the strengthening, control of planning, which is conducted by preparing the development priority project, and ensuring the planning is carried out properly. In addition, strengthening of territorial-based planning should also be conducted with the preparation of priority projects up to the details of the development site plan.

    "The strengthening of the integration of funding sources, whether sourced from APBN, APBD, or business entities, includes state-owned enterprises, enterprises, and private sector through the scheme of Cooperation between Government and Business Entities (KPBU) and Non-Budget Investment Financing (PINA)," he said.

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