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    Disaster Simulation held, Gedung Sate Stays on Guard


    BANDUNG-The siren sound was heard this morning at Gedung Sate, the Office of West Java Governor, on Diponegoro street No. 22, the city of Bandung, on Wednesday (26/4/17). Black smoke billowing, as well as many people - most are local employees of West Java Government running out of Gedung Sate to gather on the front page of Gedung Sate due to an earthquake.

    The security officer in (kamdal) Gedung Sate seemed busy evacuating the employees to exit Gedung Sate. Then, came the Disaster Preparedness Officers from Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of West Java to help evacuate and check every room in Gedung Sate to be completely empty.

    This event is part of a disaster simulation held by West Java BPBD. West Java Provincial Government views a good understanding of disaster risk as one of the keys to avoid casualties. Therefore, through BPBD, this understanding improvement will continue to be improved through simulation.

    Vice Governor of West Java Province, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) was present and participated in this simulation. He saw the importance of this simulation as a means to train skills - not only for the officers but also for the affected people.

    "I think the simulation is very important, it'd be useless if we have tools but we are not skilled to operate them, so we must practice to operate the tools we have around us, not just being stored in warehouse, so when we are faced by the disaster we cannot operate them," said Demiz during the simulation.

    Demiz said, this simulation is also a reminder to the community against potential disasters that exist in the surrounding area. "People should also be reminded that the potential for disaster in West Java is also very unusual, floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc. I think this stimulation is important, thanks to BPBD who have trained their members," said Demiz.

    This simulation is held simultaneously throughout Indonesia, including in district/city BPBD. Demiz pointed out that simulation is a way to tackle if disaster strikes, but the other thing needed is mitigation to reduce the risk of disaster, both casualties and material.

    "Mitigation is also important to reduce the risk of disaster. Since we now already know the vulnerable areas, then we need to educate people not to build houses in areas prone to landslides. if there is still no awareness we would train them and children at school about disaster problems. If two hours of rain does not stop, they must be alarmed," said Demiz.

    This simulation was held to celebrate National Disaster Preparedness Day, and 10 years of Law No. 24 of 2007 on Disaster Relief. Head of West Java BPBD, Dicky Saromi, said that they deliberately chose Gedung Sate as a place of simulation because this place is a strategic installation in West Java which must immediately get priority handling if disaster happened.

    In addition, in line with Demis, the simulation is a means to train and improve the skills of Disaster Alert members. Especially related to the use of technological tools in the field that require special skills.

    "This (simulation) is the first stimulation we organized, but we continue to carry out similar programs, so later we will use the assets, especially disaster management is associated with technology and mobility facilities that should be operated by skilled and trained people," said Dicky.

    Therefore, Dicky is committed to continue doing this simulation even for BPBD at district/city level in West Java. In addition to improving understanding of disaster, it also increases the capacity of members. The capacity for disaster mitigation needs to be enhanced from all sectors of stakeholders, whether government, business, or community

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