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    Demiz: OLYQ as Means of Piety Management


    BANDUNG-The Olympiad of Quran, Art and Technology (OLYQ) III was officially opened. Al Quran, arts and technology competitions in Muhammadiyah schools in Indonesia were opened in SOR Arcamanik Bandung, on Wednesday (26/4). Vice Governor of West Java Province, Deddy Mizwar or familiarly called Demiz also presented his speech, on the 3rd Olympiad followed by more than 3,000 participants.

    "The Olympiad of Al Quran, art and technology should be a support for the improvement of piety. Because of religion, life is directed, with the technology, life becomes easy and with the art life becomes beautiful, these three elements can increase piety," Demiz said.

    Demiz appreciated the event "The International Olympiad Of Quran, Art and Technology 2017" initiated by Muhammadiyah as the second largest community organization in Indonesia.

    "By this event, Muhammadiyah increasingly established itself as an organization that is very 'concerned' with education, that continues to grow follow up the time," he explained.

    The Olympiad of Quran, Art and Technology Muhammadiyah was held by Muhammadiyah School Network (JPSM), followed by all Muhammadiyah schools in Indonesia and guests from Malaysia on April 26-27 at SOR Arcamanik on pacuan kuda street in Arcamanik, Bandung. In the event, there were 17 points of competitions in the field of Al Quran, art and technology such as the competition of Al Quran, Islamic song, adzan contest, robotics, water rocket, technological innovation, archery, Arabic language and many more. (Pun)

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