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    Uptake of Rice Reaches 90 Percent


    BANDUNG - The State Logistics Agency (Bulog) continued to perform absorption of rice to maintain rice stocks in a safe condition.

    “The absorption continue conducting until the end of December 2015. This is in order to maintain stability of the availability and price," said the head of West Java Bulog Division, Alip Affandi.

    He mentioned until December 10, 2015, the absorption has reached 445 thousand tons or nearly 90%. The absorption has surpassed the initial prognosis which the volume of 400 thousand tons. However, there is a revised prognosis, ie be 500-550 thousand tons.

    The absorption value including premium rice. In special variant, the volume absorption until December 10, 2015, as many as 76 thousand tons. "The absorption projection of premium rice this year is 90 thousand tons," he said.

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