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    Target for the end of 2018 is Rancaekek Free from Flood


    BANDUNG–West Java Provincial Government targeted to free Rancaekek area in Bandung regency from flood at the end of 2018 which is in line with comprehensive handling efforts.

    Secretery of West Java Provincial government, Iwa Karniwa explained that the agreement of Rancaekek flood handling has been initiated by the Provincial Government of West Java with the central government and two district governments, namely district governments of Sumedang and Bandung. Based on the agreement, Rancaekek flood is expected to be resolved soon.

    "We have a multistakeholder action plan. We've already agreed to that, all parties, the central government through BPJN (National Road Management Agency), BBWS Citarum, West Java Provincial Government, District governments of Bandung and Sumedang, including the community. So, next time, let's stop blaming on each other," said Iwa, on Wednesday (26/4).

    From the multistakeholder agreement, Iwa said, it was obtained several handling steps that have been and will be done, either technical or non-technical measures. For technical handling, one of them is to build drainage that can make the flow of Water more smoothly.

    "In addition, we will also improve the construction of Cikeruh, Cimande and Cikijing river bridges," he said.

    Serious handling was also carried out in the normalization of Cikeruh, Cimande and Cikijing Rivers. In the future, the three rivers Will be widened from 7 meter to 15 meter.

    "The widening required land acquisition. And land acquisition is still a constraint. So, there needs to be funding support from the central government through state budget," explained Iwa.

    In addition to physical handling, that is not less important is to change the habits of society. The reason is that there are still many people littering. The lack of public awareness results in the making of the river as garbage dump. (Pun)

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