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    Jaringan Penggerak Sekolah Muhammadiyah (JPSM) Held the Third Quran, Art and Technology Olympiad


    BANDUNG-Muhammadiyah School Driving Network (JPSM) in collaboration with the Regional Leaders of Muhammadiyah Bandung held International Olympiad of Al Qur'an, Art and Technology III (OLYQ III). Chairman of the Committee, Iwan Kurniawan, said the purpose of this activity is in the framework of gathering of Muhammadiyah schools.

    "This is actually the gathering (silaturahim) of Muhammadiyah schools throughout Indonesia through the Olympic event," said Iwan, on the campus of Muhammadiyah elementary school at Kadipaten Raya street of Antapani, Bandung, on Tuesday (25/4).

    Iwan continued, participants who participated in this activity came from Muhammadiyah school representatives throughout Indonesia and Asean. International Olympiad of the Qur'an, Art and Technology held on April 26th-27th at SOR Arcamanik at Pacuan Kuda street Arcamanik,Bandung.

    The contests which are competed are 17 points of competition include Al Quran, Islamic songs, adzan competitions, robotics, water rocket, technological innovation, archery, arabic language and others.

    "The contests and the participants in each year is increasing. This time all the participants who participated as many as nearly four thousand participants," he said.

    The opening of the International Olympiad of the Qur'an, Art and Technology III will be attended by the Central Executive of Muhammadiyah, the Governor of West Java and Mayor of Bandung on April 26th, 2017. (Pun)

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