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    New Factory of Mitsubishi in Cikarang is Capable of Absorbing 3,000 Workers


    BEKASI REGENCY-The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), accompanied the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi), inaugurated the new factory of PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Indonesia (MMKI) in GIIC Bekasi Industrial Area, Pasirranji, Cikarang Pusat, Bekasi Regency, Tuesday (25/4) / 2017). The factory on an area of ??51 hectares is able to absorb 3,000 workers with an investment of Rp 7.5 Trillion.

    Jokowi welcomed the presence of this Mitsubishi factory, because he thought that the automotive industry is very competitive and has a big market. The growth of the national automotive industry reaches 10%, so he believed the future of this industry will grow and can attract other investors.

    "Indonesia is increasingly competitive in the automotive industry, with an average growth of 10 percent in the automotive industry, with bigger markets it is going to attract more automotive investments into Indonesia because of its large market," Jokowi said before launching.

    Jokowi further emphasised that investment is very important. To that end, he asked not to complicate investors so that our economy continues to move, so that economic growth will always be present in Indonesia.

    "So that more and more of our people get jobs, because investment can open employment, meaning that the unemployed can work," said Jokowi.

    To that end, the Government will continue to commit to improve the quality of Human Resources (HR) in accordance with industry needs. Human Resource Development is one of the pillars of economic development policy applied by the government today.

    "We also have to make sure our human resources capability can meet the needs that is desired by the industries that invest in our country Indonesia .. Human resources capabilities is one of the pillars of policy in economic development newly launched by the government," said Jokowi.

    "Here we will go through strengthening education with vocational, vocational school as well as vocational training, as well as entrepreneurship and the labor market," he added.

    The government will also continue to issue policies that find employee match or link and match, or job matching between vocation and industry. One of them is through the strengthening of vocational programs for industries that have strong associations and rational schemes that have been running, such as in the automotive, tourism, and transportation sectors. In that way, the national workforce is not only smart when in the classroom, but also in the field.

    The MMKI Cikarang factory is one of Mitsubishi Motors' commitments in Indonesia since 1970. The Minister of Industry of Indonesia, Airlangga Hartarto, said that the factory has a production capacity of 190,000 and can be increased up to 240,000 by involving 212 local suppliers, thus in Airlangga's opinion this industry is competitive.

    "The national automotive production in the market has reached 1.1 million and here the export is 200 thousand. And if we speak about two-wheeled vehicles are 6.5 million, and the export is 228 thousand. Our labor in this sector is 3 million workers, both four wheels and two wheels automotive, "Airlangga said.

    "This industry is certainly important because it is targeted to reach 2.5 million vehicles by 2020. And we see that Indonesia is the right investment destination in the automotive sector," he concluded.

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