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    Da'i were Asked to Participate in Creating a Conducive Political Atmosphere in West Java


    BANDUNG REGENCY-The Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), inaugurated and affirmed the Board of Majlis of Da'i of West Java (MDJ) Period 2017-2020 at Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) Nurul Hikmah Sumbersari, Sapan RT 07/07, Sumbersari village, Ciparay sub-district, Bandung regency, Monday night (24/4/17). In his address after the inauguration, Vice Governor Demiz asked these Da'is to participate in creating a conducive and peaceful atmosphere of politics and democracy in West Java.

    The Vice Governor revealed that considering the of Simultaneous Regional Head Election (Pilkada Serentak) 2018 that will be held in West Java. Pilkada Serentak 2018 will elect 17 Pairs of Regional Head and its Vice in West Java, namely Governor and Vice Governor, six pairs of Mayor and Vice Mayor (Bandung, Bogor, Cirebon, Sukabumi, Banjar, and Bekasi), and ten Regent and Vice Regent (Bogor, Purwakarta, Sumedang, Subang, West Bandung, Kuningan, Majalengka, Cirebon, Garut, and Ciamis).

    Considering the constellation, it is certain that the challenges faced by the Election Organizer and all stakeholders related to Pilkada Serentak 2018 will be greater than the previous two waves of Pilkada Serentak in West Java, namely Pilkada Serentak 2015 held in eight regencies/cities, as well as Pilkada Serentak 2017 in three regencies/cities.

    Therefore, on this occasion Demiz appealed to the Alim Ulama, Kyai, Ustadz, public figure, and all components of society, especially the Board and all members of the MDJ to work together to maintain a peaceful climate of democracy and tranquility in West Java.

    "In the context of Pilkada, I hope that the Da'i will create a conducive atmosphere. Do not let the election of Governor, Mayor, and Regent in June (2018), cause the fading or distant of silaturahim among us," Demiz said in his speech.

    According to the results of the General Election Commissions (KPU) Plenary Session, that Pilkada Serentak 2018 will be held on June 27th 2018 or after Eid Al-Fitr. However, for the official decision will wait for the establishment of the Regulation of General Election Commissions (PKPU) Pilkada Serentak 2018. There are several stages of elections that may be done in Ramadan, so it takes a number of steps of anticipation and a high tolerance of all parties.

    The next crucial point related to Pilkada Serentak 2018 in West Java is related to Electronic ID card. Based on the Consolidated Net Data (DKB), the aggregate of Potential Voters Electoral Data (DP4) for Pilkada Serentak 2018 in West Java has 31,7 million voters. It consists of 16,08 million male voters and 15,68 million female voters with an estimated beginner voters of 61.000.

    On the other hand, there are still about 427 thousand of West Java residents whose data is not single and partially failed to be recorded. Those residents whose data are still in the process of accounting are about 808 thousand people, as well as residents who still have not recorded about 1,37 million people.

    In addition to Pilkada, Demiz emphasized another point on this occasion, that the Da'is could strengthen the da'wah material to build the consciousness of Muslims. Demiz exemplifies the opposition to hoaxes, or junk news, fake news, or false news, including false news that does not rule out the possibility of much circulation in the political year. According to him, it can be done more wisely and always put forward the attitude of Tabayyun, namely check and recheck the news that circulated, especially in social media. To combat this hoax can also emulate the prophetic traits of the Prophet, namely: Shiddiq, Amanah, Tabligh, and Fathonah.

    Furthermore, Demiz said that, the da'wah materials should also be strengthened  about the call to the community to continue to build awareness and culture of mutual cooperation (gotong royong) of Muslims in order to maintain the environment. Society must be made aware that the various natural disasters that hit a number of areas, is the result of the destruction of nature caused by human activities.

    West Java Provincial Government has also tried to develop environmentally cultivated villages or ecovillage in some villages in West Java, especially around the Citarum watershed. To that end, the Da'is are expected to invite all components of the Muslim community to jointly create real commitments and actions in fostering 4 aspects of eco-cultural society, namely ecological, economic, socio-cultural, and spiritual aspects.

    "One of the concrete steps we can take is that with the 'Five Not/Lima Tidak'  movement we keep campaigning on. Not Cutting Trees Upstream Rivers, Not Disposing Livestock Waste into Rivers, Not Disposing Household Waste into Rivers, Not Wasting Industrial Waste into Rivers, and Not Dispose Any Waste into the River, "concluded Vice Governor.

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