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    Eradicating Illegal Levies, The Illegal Levy Eradication Task Force (Satgas Saber Pungli) of West Java Will Cooperate with the Central Office of Illegal Levy Eradication Task Force


    BOGOR REGENCY-To eradicate illegal levies on mining freights in Bogor regency, such as in Rumpin and Gunung Sindur. The Illegal Levy Eradication Task Force (Satgas Saber Pungli) of West Java will cooperate with the Central Office of Illegal Levy Eradication Task Force. The matter was stated by the Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), when he visited Az-Zabidiyah Islamic Education Foundation (YAPIA), Maloko street, Banjar Pinang RT. 001/007, Tamansari village, Rumpin sub-district, Bogor regency, Monday (24/4/2017).

    In this gathering, Demiz listened to public complaints regarding the condition of road infrastructures which are severely damaged, as well as natural conditions that begin to break down. This phenomena happened due to natural exploitation, such as sand and stone mining for the sake of development in other areas, one of which is for the reclamation of the North Coast of Jakarta. As the result, the recently constructed concrete road was badly damaged by overloaded mining trucks.

    "80 percent of mining in Bogor is for the supply of reclamation in Jakarta," Demiz said.

    Demiz explained that he admitted to know about the condition and had reported the matter directly to the President. Demiz said the illegal levies on mining in Rumpin reached hundreds of millions of rupiah a day. On a unannounced inspections that was carried out by Demiz, it was revealed the illegal levies that were collected from every truck passing is around Rp 80 thousand, while the number of trucks passing reached around 3.000 per day, thus when the illegal levies are added, it reached to the amount of Rp 240 million per day.

    "I have reported this to the President directly. I told the President not to build a civilization above disobedience. The President was silent when I said that. So a moratorium was given to the reclamation process, however the reclamation is still lasting until now right, "said Demiz in front of hundreds of residents.

    "I also once invited Pak Ahok and Pak Djarot to carry out unannounced inspections here (Rumpin) but they could not do it," he added.

    For that reason, Demiz admitted that the government will try to eradicate the illegal levies. West Java Provincial Government through Saber Pungli will cooperate with Saber Pungli of Central Government. Meanwhile, regarding the road problems, Demiz said that the road infrastructure in Rumpin is the authority of Bogor Regency Government. Therefore, he does not dare to fix the road because it will violate the rules. However, in the future Demiz hoped that the roads that are passed by the mining freights can be handed over and become the authority of the Central Government or if there is a request from the District Government to the Provincial Government in the form of a proposal to fix the road.

    "We have Saber Pungli. We will cooperate with the Central (Saber Pungli) to eradicate illegal levies here. Cleaning the Rp 240 million levy a day ago, we are going to discipline (them)," he said.

    On that ocassion, Demiz who was accompanied by his wife, R. Giselawati Mizwar, had a quiz with prizes for the citizens in attendance. Villagers of Kampung Banjar Pinang are entitled to a prize if they successfully answer questions or challenges from Demiz and Giselawati.

    In addition, Demiz also represented West Java Provincial Government to provide assistance to the Az-Zabidiyah Islamic Education Foundation. The assistance is in the form of money which is worth Rp 100 million for the construction of Kobong.

    After from Rumpin, Demiz with his wife continued the visit to Gunung Sindur sub-district, Bogor Regency. Here, Demiz and Giselawati met residents at the Nurul Iman Mosque in the Tamansari Bukit Damai Housing Complex, Padurenan Village, Gunung Sindur Sub-district, Bogor Regency.

    This meeting was in the framework of gathering and also to commemorate the Great Day of Islam which is Isra Mi'raj of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Demiz also handed over eight carpets for the newly constructed mosque and gave a quiz with prizes for the children.

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