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    Beautiful Earth without Plastics


    BANDUNG - UrbanIndo.com once again held an event to celebrate this year's Earth Day. The series of events that have been going on since April 10th, 2017 finally came to the peak event, namely plastic waste bag swap for reusable bag, entitled "Bumi Cantik Tanpa Plastik" or "Beautiful Earth without Plastic". The event was held at Dago Car Free Day (CFD) in Bandung, Sunday (04/23/2017).

    Public Relations of Urbanindo.com and committee chairman of the event, Gisela Kanya explained that during the event, UrbanIndo invited visitors of Dago CFD to exchange their shopping bags for reusable bag from UrbanIndo. It was a form of UrbanIndo action that encouraged all visitors of Dago CFD to care about environmental sustainability by reducing plastic waste.

    "Today, there're more and more issues of environmental damage and natural disasters caused by pollution. So, through this event, we care about being able to reduce the plastic waste which has become an important issue," she explained.

    According to Gisela, as a company engaged in the field of property, UrbanIndo's domain is very closely related to the environment. They do understand about the importance of maintaining the environment in order to preserve the earth to create comfort for humans as well as for all living things.

    Gisela does have an equally perceptive purpose to what society feels. "UrbanIndo is engaged in properties that are closely related to the environment, so we want to invite people to be aware of the environment. More importantly, the biggest issue nowadays is plastic waste which has an enormous effect upon the environmental damage," she said.

    Moreover, a representative of Environment and Sanitation Department of Bandung Cuty, Fizi appreciates the activity. He admitted that it is difficult if the environmental program is implemented unilaterally. The support from private sector can facilitate environmental conservation programs.

    "We are indeed promoting the reduction of the use of plastic bags in Bandung. If we are the only ones who move, it'll be limited, of course. So, it needs help like this," she said.

    People of Bandung are also very enthusiastic in supporting this action. Many people were pleased and excited to exchange plastic bags for free reusable bags from UrbanIndo. One of them was Iis (25) who was initially curious when she saw UrbanIndo booth. "It's good that there's this event, because plastic bag is hard to break down, while this (reusable bag) can be stored and used again," she said.

    Unlike Iis, Ratih (22) got information about the event of UrbanIndo through Instagram. She also came together with her little family to the CFD. "I'm interested in exchanging it, since it's good enough. The event is also good because it can educate many people to protect the earth," she said.

    The event was organized not only in the form of exchanging shopping bags for reusable bags, but also enlivened by various activities such as a long march campaigning " Beautiful Earth without Plastics", workshop about the utilization of plastic beverage bottle to be used as media of hydroponic planting, talk show about the importance of maintaining the environment by reducing plastic waste, and also entertainment show of percussion of recycled materials performed by Crescendo Percussion which gave more festivity of the event.

    There are several parties who support UrbanIndo in campaigning the action of "Beautiful Earth without Plastics": Earth Hour Bandung, Jendela Alam, Crescendo Percussion, and Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik (GIDKP). "All parties are determined to invite all visitors of CFD to do the action, starting from themselves for a better earth," said Gisela. (MAT)

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