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    Demiz: Demographic Bonus is a Challenge for Karang Taruna


    BANDUNG - West Java demographic bonus that is predicted to occur in 2025-2030 becomes a challenge for Karang Taruna or neighbourhood youth organization. It was explained by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar when opening the event of Temu Karya Karang Taruna Jabar in Bandung, Sunday afternoon (04/23).

    "This is a challenge that must be faced especially by Karang Taruna who includes in the age of demographic bonus. At that time, the population of the work force or people within the productive age bracket in West Java will reach more than 70 percent of the total population of West Java," said Demiz, the nickname of West Java Vice Governor.

    According to Demiz, if the entire total of that population only consists of job seekers, then the demographic bonus would be a disaster in the form of unemployment explosion.

    "Therefore, Karang Taruna has to be prepared as an entrepreneurial powerhouse that can create job opportunities, not as job seekers. Because the industry will not be able to accommodate them," said Demiz.

    Furthermore, Demiz also emphasized that Karang Taruna must become a solution of the social problem in society, and not to be part of the problem itself. "Be a pioneer of the solution of various problems in society, do not be part of the problem itself. Karang Taruna must be able to do their best, especially with the existing organizational structure of Karang Taruna to RW and RT," he said.

    Temu Karya Karang Taruna Jabar 2017 was scheduled for the election of new management board for the period of 2017 - 2022. (Pun)

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