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    Teh Nia Suggested Women to Undergo IVA Test


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Coinciding with the 138th anniversary of Kartini Day 2017, the wife of Bandung Regent, Hj. Kurnia Agustina Naser, suggested women to undergo IVA (visual inspection with acetic acid) test, as a simple way to detect cervical cancer as early as possible, through Early Detection Month of Cervical Cancer held by Social Security Administering Board (BPJS) of Bandung Regency at Moch.Toha Building, Soreang, Friday (21/4).

    Cervical cancer, said the mother who is usually called Teh Nia, is the second most violent disease that cause of death of women after breast cancer. Thus, she added, preventive and promotive efforts need to be done, one of them is through the IVA examination service.

    "For all women, it is best to prevent before experiencing. Cervical cancer can be prevented by doing an IVA examination. To be closer, now the service is available in 22 puskesmas in Bandung regency," she said.

    Further, Teh Nia explained that for the early stages of IVA examination services, currently the service is available at 22 health centers with 22 trained health workers and 15 doctors. In such prevention efforts, Teh Nia hoped that women especially those who live in Bandung regency can perform IVA examination in accordance with their respective resident areas.

    "I hope that women can undergo the IVA examination in each Community Health Centre (Puskesmas). In addition to cost savings, this preventive effort will be very beneficial. Since, if you are already diagnosed as having cervical cancer, the loss will not only physically, but also psychically and even economically," added Teh Nia as the Head of Family Welfare Empowerment Team (TP PKK) of Bandung Regency.

    Teh Nia said the prevention of this cervical cancer can be done through a healthy lifestyle. According to her, hygiene, especially in female organs can affect the development of cervical cancer virus. In addition to body hygiene, diet, keeping good habits and cleanliness of underwear as well as regular exercise needs to be done.

    "The preventive efforts to avert cervical cancer not only medically through IVA examination, but also supported with a healthy and orderly lifestyle," she said.

    Along with the 376th Anniversary of Bandung Regency and 138th Kartini Day, Teh Nia appealed for women to be forward-thinking and optimistic, to contribute to development, and not to close themselves to positive changes and to dare to express their arguments for the betterment of the nation and the country.

    "As the world develops, women must dare to be innovative, open minded, and also optimistic in supporting the development of nation. Far from it all, whatever the profession of a woman, her spirit will never be extinguished," she said.

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