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    ICMI Should Give Economic Improvement Ideas


    BANDUNG-The Indonesian Muslim Intellectuals Association (ICMI) as a "think tank" research institute founded by ICMI with the leadership of Prof. Dr. Ing. BJ. Habibie. the Center for Information and Development Studies (CIDES) has an important role providing ideas for the economic development policy in the country.

    Therefore, in the 25th anniversary and the sixth Conference of ICMI, CIDES hoped ICMI can represent the strength of Muslims in Indonesia remind leaders to be more assertive.

    "ICMI should be a Muslims congress in order to remind all leaders in the country to be more assertive," said Executive Director of CIDES Rudi Wahyono, in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Sunday (13/12)

    Rudi asserted, Indonesia has just done a historic event in simultaneous elections. ICMI should be able to give guidance so that the head of the area can carry out their political agenda in a good way.

    By convening this conference, ICMI can formulate more real ideas to improve the quality of Indonesian economy, particularly in narrowing the gap index which has reached severe value, that is 0.43.

    "ICMI has a big job to build the people’s economy, both the urban poor, peasant labourers in the countryside, and UKM who needs capital.

    Meanwhile, the Chairman of CIDES Campus (CIDES networking at 6 universities) Ridwan Budiman, in his statement said ICMI Congress is expected to be more concerned to existence of the campus as an important element for the intellectual generation. CIDES Campus has been present at several universities, such as UGM, UNJ, UIN Jakarta, STIE Tazkia, Padjadjaran University, and the University of Indonesia.

    "The presence of an idea of young people should be given a place by ICMI. Thus, the process of regeneration in the ICMI continuity can work well,” said Rudi.

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