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    Unpad is Ready to Develop Syariah Economy


    BANDUNG-Unpad Rectorate, Tri Hanggono Ahmad said that Unpad was ready to help developing syariah banking in West Java.

    "For that reason, there should be some preparation to suport it, epecially in academic side. Unpad is ready," he said, Thursday (4/20).

    He also added that one of national syariah bank, which is Syariah Mandiri Bank (BSM) should be ready to face opportunities and challenges in the future. Not only in banking fields, but also in many several fields related with citizens.

    "If it happens, I think the products will be not only from innovation services, but we can also answer the challenges from the future," he said.

    The Dean of Economic and Business Faculty Unpad, Nury Effendi added that the cooperation with syariah banking could be done with several studies in Unpad, not only with her faculty. The cooperation has been done in order to achieve one of SDGS goal, which is eradicating poverty.

    "We have many faculties that later it can be cooperated with BSM more structured," Nurry expected.

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