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    30 Companies Participated in Telkom University Job Expo


    BANDUNG-There are 30 companies whether national or multi-national have participated in Job Expo of University Telkom (Tel-U) in April 20-21th 2017 at Convention Hall Landmark, Braga, Bandung.

    The Vice Rectorate of Admission and International Cooperation Field (Tel-U) AMA Suyanto explained that the event was held for the sake of synergy of the university and industries. So that, the interplay of both of them has become a contributor of human resources that are productive and innovative.

    "Of course, this event (Job Expo) is often held, and it becomes a good tradition between University and industries, we expect there are many professional fresh graduate that have been facilitated with this event," he revealed.

    Furthermore, with many companies that have participated in the Job Expo Tel-U, Suyanto believed that there were so many available job vacancy in companies which had good reputation.

    "We can see that there are many companies that participated in this event, it indicates that there are many available job vacancy. It also helps the government to provide job vacancy. While studying in the University, students have been trained to compete in an innovative world," he concluded.

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